Monday, October 22, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "A House Divided...Or Not"

This is part 8 in an on-going series. The rest is available here:

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2) "All Night Conversation"
3) "Breakfast Buddies"
4) "Past, Present, Future"
5) "About Last Night"
6) "Clarification & Coffee"
7) "9 1/2 Weeks Later"

The ride home was overwhelmingly quiet. Camille was pissed. "How could one woman ruin such a great day?" she thinks. Camille was sitting with her legs and arms crossed in the car. A slight scowl was on her face as she looked straight forward. She didn't trust herself to speak just yet. She felt...embarrassed. That's exactly what she felt. She was accosted in a very public way in a very public place. And for what?? "Whatever. I will not let this woman mess up what we have." she continued to think. Camille tried to zone out a little while listening to some jazz. She was trying to shake Yasmine's negativity off. Camille knew that what she had with Jakob was something special. She could just feel it. She wasn't letting go, especially not because of his dramatic ex. Her Mom taught her better than that.

Jakob was pensive. That is the best way to describe his state of mind. He was also very concerned about what Camille was thinking, feeling. She was too quiet. "She hasn't uttered a word since we left," he thinks. "What can I do to break her out of this foul mood?" He suddenly had a great idea. One he knew would lighten the mood. He would take her to the place she has mentioned for weeks. It wasn't exactly his type of thing. But, he knew it would bring a smile to her face. He quickly navigated the streets trying to get them to their destination as quick as possible. Jazz music flowed throughout the car on the ride. It was the only calming thing about the ride. He pulled into a parking spot and was out of the car before Camille really noticed. She didn't realize it until Jakob opened her door.

She looked up at him. He had his hand outstretched to her. "Camille, I am so sorry about that scene. But, I refuse to let her mess up our day. Come with me, please?" he asks. Camille couldn't say no to him. Couldn't say no to that smile. And, the reality is, it wasn't his fault. She places her hand in his and exits the car. He pulls her into an embrace and kisses her. She kisses him back. They both just knew that they were fine. That this was right. The two of them walked hand in hand around the back of this building. "Just exactly where are you dragging me, sir?" Camille questioned. Jakob smiled at her and replied "Some place that will make that pretty smile of yours return to its rightful place." She was intrigued. He was good at surprises. She loved that about him. So, she walked next to her man onto this mythical place. As the rounded the corner, she broke out into a great smile.

"Oh my God!! Jakob, I thought you said that this wasn't your kind of place?" "I did. But, I know how happy this place makes you." They were walking into the Aquarium, one of Camille's favorite places. He was right, it did make her happy. There was something about the water and the fish that calmed Camille. She couldn't believe how sweet he was. "Jakob, thank you." she says. "No, thanks needed." he says. "You are smiling so hard. You look as excited as a kid." "I am." They pay to enter and Camille immediately takes Jakob to the viewing area downstairs. It was her favorite spot. It had the feel of being underwater. It always made her feel so safe, so alive. She has loved this spot in all aquariums since she was 5. She stood in front of the huge window watching the fish and the jellyfish. "Look at how colorful and beautiful they are." she says excitedly. Jakob was watching her watching the fish. He couldn't help but enjoy the view. He had to admit that this was a great idea. "This place is great. I have to agree, Camille."

Camille dragged Jakob from display to display all afternoon. She let him enter into a world that has been uniquely hers since she was a kid. She had never been here with a man she was dating before. This was special. She told him about coming here with her Dad and why it was such a great childhood memory for her. He let her guide their adventure. They even ate seafood poboys from one of the outdoor cafes inside the aquarium. While eating, Jakob lets Camille know something. "I just hope you can forgive me for that scene. I'm-" "Wait, you don't have to apologize, Jakob. It is what it is. We can't live our lives hiding from our pasts. We are fine, great even." Camille says. e grabs her face tenderly and replies "We are great, Sweetheart." She leans in and kisses him. "Yep, we are, Baby." And, kisses him again. They finish their food. They enter the gift shop. Camille was particularly fond of a cute little fish keychain that she had to have. She got one for the both of them. She tried on silly glasses just to make him laugh. "You look like a clown, Baby. Those glasses are not hot." he says. Camille, determined to prove a point, buy the glasses and an equally silly pair for him. "I'm wearing mine out the store." "You wouldn't dare," Jakob says laughing. Camille, fixes the sunglasses on her face and struts out the door. Jakob follows suits, dons his sunglasses and follows her out. they leave the aquarium arm in arm. Both equally happy that their day was saved. Only good things can come from this.

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