Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "Clarification & Coffee"

This is part 6 in an on-going series. The rest is available here:

1) "Unexpected Meeting"
2) "All Night Conversation"
3) "Breakfast Buddies"
4) "Past, Present, Future"
5) "About Last Night"

"You are my ex for a reason. That stunt you pulled calling yourself my wife was childish. We are done, have been done for a while. Stay away from me." Yasmine couldn't believe the words she was reading. "Who does Jak think he is? He's done? He doesn't get to decide that." she thought. Yasmine was hurt because Jakob never was harsh with her. This was so unlike him. This was different. And, she didn't like it one bit. "Wow. He sounds serious this time. I think I may have played one game too many with him," she thought. Tears started to flow down her face. She called him and was sent straight to voicemail. "That hurt." she thought. "He is really done with me. He's never ignored my calls or texts before." Yasmine crumbled to the floor sobbing. This is where she stayed for what seemed like hours. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

Jakob was in a great mood as he walked into the coffee house. He felt like he'd been given another shot to get this right with Camille. All he had to do was wait for her to show up. As he sat down, his cell vibrated. It was a text from Yas. "I would've been your wife by now. I still have the ring. I'm sorry for saying I was your wife. You'er done? Really? This is how it ends? Who is she? read the text. Jak hit her back with "She isn't you. You aren't my wife. The end came months ago in case you forgot. Have a nice life, Yasmine." The cell vibrated back to back with texts from her. "Have a nice life? Are you serious?" and "Jakob? You can't just ignore me." He was truly done. He couldn't let his past mess up his present. This he was sure of.

He looked up just in time to see Camille walk in. Instantly, they catch each other's eyes and they both smiled. She walked towards him as he rose. "Hi" they both say at the same time. They both laugh, clearly nervous and unsure. Jakob pulls out the chair for Camille to sit then he does as well. Camille begins "Yesterday was crazy. I still have no idea which end is up, Jakob. But, I'm here for you to explain." Jakob clears his throat and launches into a recap of yesterday. He told her all about Yasmine and her drama. He then tells her what he suspects happened when he left the room to get her stuff. "Wow. That is insane! So, you have a possessive crazy ex? That's reassuring," Camille says jokingly. Inside, she was pleased that she decided to hear him out. His story is quite believable. "Unfortunately I guess I do," he says. "Look at this," he says as he hands her his cell. There were now 10 texts total from Yas. Each one more irate than the last. Camille just shook her head. "Crazy."

"So, here we are again in the same spot we meet just two days ago. What now? Can you forgive me for bringing this into your life?" questioned Jakob. Camille stared right into his eyes. She already knew her answer. Crazy ex and all. She was still intrigued by this man. "I cannot condemn him for his past. We've all made silly mistakes." she thought. "Hi, my name is Camille. And you are?" she asked. Jakob chuckled and replied "I'm Jakob. Very nice to meet you as well. Would you like something to drink?" "A chai tea would be heavenly," Camille said. "I'll be right back" Jakob stood at the counter ordering the drinks. He took his cell out & set Yasmine's number to ignore in his contacts and his texts. He was determined to erase her from his current life. Camille wanted to start over and he was glad. Camille watched his back. She wasn't going to jump into this too quickly but she liked him. She couldn't deny that. She was determined to forget about the phone call and his ex. She wanted to live in the now. She wasn't usually that girl. But, now seemed like a great time to start. "Clarification and coffee, indeed" she thought as Jakob walked back to the table with the drinks. Both smiling at the other.

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