Friday, September 28, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "Past, Present, Future"

This is part 4 in an on-going series. The rest is available here:

1) "Unexpected Meeting"
2) "All Night Conversation"
3) "Breakfast Buddies"

Kissing Yasmine in his doorway felt like old times. She always felt like home to him. She was a drug that he has yet to shake out of his system. Yasmine hand's found their way to her favorite part of him. She stroked him while kissing him. Jakob's hands guided her body further into the house. The kissing continued as the two made their way from the hallway to the sofa. Jakob absentmindedly drops his cell onto the cushion. Yasmine was now straddling Jakob. "I've missed you," she asks. Jakob sat on the sofa looking up into the eyes of the woman who has caused him so much pleasure and pain. Yasmine assuming that she had Jakob back in the palm of her hands began to take off her shirt. There she was in a baby blue lace bra smiling down at Jakob. "He can't say no to me. e's never been able to." she thinks. "Jakob, I need you. You know that you need me too," she says. His body is betraying him as usual. "I see there is one part of you that wants me as much as I want you," she continues.

Jakob knows what he has to do as Camille's smiling face crosses his mind. He looks at her and makes a judgement call. Sliding her off his lap, he says "Yas, I'm not doing this with you. We are done. Have been for a while. I don't know why you haven't gotten this." Yasmine screams "WHAT? What do you mean no? That's not even a word that we use." She is in disbelief and cannot believe what he is saying. Jakob says "Look, I'm done. Been done. As a matter of fact, hold on let me go get your stuff that you left." He goes out to the garage to fetch her boxes. Yasmine is pissed as she puts her shirt back on. She is silently cursing him out in her head. His cell rings after the door shuts. She picks it up to see a text from Camille. "Hey hope you finally slept this morning. I was called into work so I still haven't slept. Thanks for breakfast." This infuriates Yasmine even more. She calls Camille.

"Hello," answers Camille. "Who are you and why are you texting my husband?" yells Yasmine. Camille, caught completely off guard, stutters "Who is this? And, yo-your husband?" "Yes, my husband, Jakob," Yasmine replies. Camille instantly feels sick. so many thoughts running through her head as Yasmine badgers her on the phone. Camille interrupts Yasmine's tirade "Ma'am, I did not know he was married. But, rest assured that I will not be contacting him any more. I have to go." Camille somehow manages to get out before pressing end on the call. Yasmine smiles knowing that she has scared this Camille off. "Jakob is mine. Always has been, always will be. Even if he doesn't know it yet." Yasmine thinks. She erases the text from Camille off of Jak's phone. She thinks "Now, he'll never know." She laughs as he comes back in with two boxes. Jak says "These are yours and you have to go. I need to sleep." "Ok, Jak. But this is not over. I'll let you sleep but I'll be back. Could you bring the boxes out to the car for me, poor favor?" "Fine, let's go." Clearly annoyed, Jak walks her out & puts the boxes in her trunk. She says "Bye Jak. See you soon." as she drives off. Jak believes he is done with the drama that is Yasmine Lopez.

Jakob goes inside, locks up and finally goes to bed. Hours pass before he awakes. He has literally slept the day away. It's 8p.m. when he awakes. "Where is my cell?" he wonders as he searches for it. Finding it on the coffee table in the living room, he checks to see if he missed Camille's call or text. "Hmmm nothing. Maybe she is still asleep." He sends her a short text that reads "Hey Camille. Just getting up. Would love to hear your voice if you're awake." Jak goes about warming up some food as he waits for her response. He is still shaking his head at the craziness of this morning. Glad that it's over, he finishes his dinner. Still no word from Camille. He pours himself a glass of pinot noir. His phone rings and it's Camille calling. He smiles as he answers it. "Hey you" "Hi" she responds very flatly. He picks up on this quickly "What's wrong Camille?" "Why don't you tell me, Jakob? Or well at least tell me your version since your WIFE has already told me hers." Camille says. "My what?? I have never been married. What are you talking about?" he proclaims. Camille is upset and she isn't truly hearing him at this point. "I really thought I had met someone who was cool. But, I was wrong. I am only calling to give you a chance to explain yourself. If you have a wife, what was this all about?" Camille asks. Jakob is racking his brain when he comes to the conclusion: Yasmine. This had her wrote all over it. "Camille, I am not married." "The woman who called me said she was your wife. Your wife, Jak. What am I supposed to think? You know what, it's cool. Do me a favor, don't contact me anymore. Goodbye." Camille says as she ends the call.

Standing under the spray of hot water in the shower with his eyes closed, Jakob sighed deeply. He really could not believe how this day turned out. It started with so much promise. The breakfast with Camille was the perfect start of his day. "How did it all go down hill from there?" "Man, I really messed this up!" he exclaimed. The shower was supposed to calm him down. It wasn't working. He couldn't shake the feeling that his past may have just interrupted his future. Jakob keeps thinking "Yasmine showed up and I should have kicked her out. I didn't. How could I have been some dumb? I knew that she was trouble. Hell, she's always been." Jakob wondered if he would ever get through to Camille. How could he get her to believe him? She was so mad at him and he couldn't blame her. He was angry as hell. But, he had to figure out a way to make this work. He needed to make this right, make it work.

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