Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventures in Cooking: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I was in the mood for cookies. But I want to make them myself. I came across an incredible food blog. It is the BrownEyedBaker. She has a ton of great recipes. I found one that appeared easy enough and the pictures looked great. Even better, I had all of the ingredients (sans the peanut butter chips) on hand. I like to use what I have in my kitchen when I cook spur of the moment things. That makes things simpler and easier for me. The recipe was for "Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars." Sounds great right? I think you can never go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate. I am not a huge fan of peanut butter alone. But, when combined with chocolate, you cannot go wrong.

There was little to no prep time as I gathered my ingredients. I spent most of my time on the actual mixing of the ingredients. Once everything was mixed together and spread into an aluminum pan, it was baking time. The recipe said to bake between 16-20 minutes. I baked for 18 minutes. I then let the pan cool for 15 minutes. The smell was so delicious. I then cut the pan into bars and stacked them on a plate. I ate a bar with a cup of Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Milk. It was amazing. It was soft and warm and chocolatey. I was happy with my baking skills. Little by little, I am learning more things. Me and the kitchen are developing a deeper relationship. I do not know what I will cook up next. But, I will be sure to keep you guys informed. The domesticated diva will definitely be back.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rant: Evo Issues!!

I am having huge issues with my HTC Evo. And that makes me super sad. I love this phone. I waited patiently for it to be released. I waited even longer for my upgrade to come up. I have had it less than a year and I am not happy with it right now. Let me preface this by saying that I do not want to change to another brand or style of phone. I want my Evo. I am spoiled with all the amenities that come with it. I love the look and feel of it. I am overly ecstatic behind the apps and specs of it. The Android system is always being upgraded. It is actually a great phone.

But, in the last few weeks, I have been having a huge issue. My Evo is powering off and on by itself. It happens sometimes when I am using apps or the web. It mostly happens when I am talking to one person in particular. This is an absolute killjoy. What makes it even worse is that I have gone into a Sprint location and had a tech look at it. I was told there is nothing wrong with it. Yeah, you read right. I know that I am not imagining it. This is an issue. I have had conversations on and Twitter with Sprint associates. They "claim" that this isn't a normal issue. Which I know is not the truth. I have family and friends who have an Evo and who have the same issue. That just makes me mad. I don't like for reps to make me seem like my issue is unique. If there is a bug/problem with the Evo, just let me know and fix it.

I need a solution to my problem. ASAP. I have to go to another location to get it fixed. What makes me even more upset is I know what the outcome will be. Sprint techs are not great at fixing anything. They will just get me another Evo. My issue with that is it will be a refurbished one. I purchased a brand new Evo, that is what I should get back. The problem is not something of my doing. It has to be a in-house error on either Sprint or HTC's part. I am just ranting here to calm myself down. I do like my cell phone provider. They are much better than Verzion and AT&T to me. I'd hate to have to leave over this. Ugh!! I just want my cell to work when I need it to work. Just like Sprint wants my bill to be paid on time, right?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get Into It: Kindle Fire

What better way to upgrade the Kindle than with color, full web access, and a multi-touch screen? That is exactly what Amazon did with the Kindle Fire. The specs were just released today. And, it looks as great as it sounds. They are available for pre-order right now. They are being retailed for $200. They will be released on November 15, 2011. It is a little bit bigger in size than the Kindle 3 that I own. It's black instead of gray. I want this and I want it now. I wonder if I could get a decent price for my Kindle via Amazon? It's fairly new and in excellent shape. Anyway, the Kindle Fire is def a contender. It will also run on the Andriod system, which I love (thanks to my Evo). The Android system is quite easy to navigate. Amazon has pushed the standard with this latest edition to the Kindle family.I like what I've seen and read about it. I need it in my possession asap! Get into it!

Here are just a few of the perks of the Kindle Fire for you to get into:

* 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books.
* Amazon Appstore - thousands of popular apps and games.
* Ultra-fast web browsing - Amazon Silk.
* 8GB internal. (That's enough for 80 apps, plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books.)
* Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content.
* Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle.
* Fast, powerful dual-core processor.
* Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a hot button issue right now. My thoughts on the subject have always been the same. I have never been a believer in capital punishment. Killing a killer seems redundant and unfair. I don't see how the death penalty helps anyone. There has to be a better way to get criminals to pay for their crimes. Something else has to be done. I think I also feel this way because of how many innocent people have been sentenced to death and died for nothing. That is the worse part.

Most people think that my stance on this subject should be different. My family has been hit hard by black on black violence. Three of the most important men in my life as a teenager were all gunned down in senseless violent acts in New Orleans. My cousin Larry was killed in January 1997. My Father was killed on September 23, 1998. My favorite uncle Larry was killed in October 2000. That's a lot of death in a short period of time. I was never fully over grieving one before another one was taken from me, from us. Death is hard. Murder is 100 times worse. Murder snatches your loved ones from you without warning, without explanation. I was angry for so long about these deaths. I was seeing red and I wanted revenge. I wanted the men responsible for these murders to die. No, I'm not talking about by the long arm of the law either. I was so enraged that I had thoughts of taking a live. I wanted it to not hurt anymore. I needed someone to hurt more than my family was hurting. Once I was able to work through my anger and grief, I calmed down considerable. My Father's killer/s were never found. I received no closure there. We didn't get any justice for him. My Uncle's and Cousin's killers were prosecuted and sentenced.

I just wanted the men in jail. Life sentences and doing hard time. I did not want them to have an easy way out. The death penalty was that to me. I wanted them to spend the rest of their lives suffering for the pain they caused us. Watching "The Green Mile," solidified my opinion that the death penalty is cruel and not an option. A criminal should not have an out. He/She should pay for their crimes. If it is a violent crime, they should pay with spending the rest of their lives in jail. Morally, murder is wrong. It is a sin. So, how could it ever be right for a judge and jury to decide that a murderer should be put to death? Murder is murder, bottom line. I cannot condone it on any levels.

The Troy Davis case has brought this topic back to the forefront. His death is a travesty. He should not have been put to death when there was so much doubt about the case. That is what affects me the most. Innocent people who have been falsely convicted and subsequently put to death. That is the saddest part of it all. The justice system is severely flawed. There is a movement to abolish the death penalty. I have signed the petition. It can be found on the NAACP website. It's archaic and inhumane in my opinion. After watching the Troy Davis case unfold this past two weeks, I have realized how unnecessary the death penalty is. We don't need it. I hope we can get rid of it.

In the Name of Troy Davis: Pledge to End the Death Penalty in the United States

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because Troy Anthony Davis was executed despite extreme and well-known doubts about his guilt.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because the system failed Troy, even though the system is supposed to be fail-proof.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because these failures are the result of a system that gives the power of life and death to humans, who are prone to error and susceptible to bias.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because 130 people have been exonerated from death row since 1973, and we have no way of knowing how many innocent people have been killed.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because death is permanent and mistakes are uncorrectable.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because we know that race and class disproportionately determine who lives and who dies.

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because Troy Davis often said, "This movement began before I was born ... it must continue and grow stronger...until we abolish the death penalty once and for all."

I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States because it was Troy’s final wish.

In the Name of Troy Anthony Davis, I pledge to fight to end the death penalty in the United States to ensure that what happened to Troy never happens to another person in our criminal justice system. (from the NAACP website)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Jodeci "My Heart Belongs To U"

There is no denying the impact that Jodeci had on music. They were the quintessential R&B bad boys of the 90's. Their look, sound, and tone were unique. From their first single, I was hooked. I loved them. I have to say that my favorite Jodeci cd is their sophomore one "Diary of a Mad Band." There was just something fluid about that cd. I am sad that we only got 3 cd's from this group. They def had the potential to give us more. One of my favorite songs on this cd is "My Heart Belongs To U." The lyrics always made me happy for some reason. they still have that affect on me now. One of my favorite producers mentioned this song on Twitter last night and I had to hear it. So I felt like sharing it.

"Whatever you want, whatever you need
You know I got it
And I'mma give it to you
(Whenever you want it, want it)

Anything you want from me {Yeah...yeah...} (I've got it)
Any time you want it I'll give it to you
Jo Jo, check this out

You can have my love
You're the girl of my life
Am I all you're dreamin' of
Yes, you're my desire

I wanna give you so much
For the things that you give to me
Just take my love, baby
Because you are so dear to me

Whatever you want (Ba-ba-ba-ba)
Whatever you need (Woo, yeah)
My heart belongs to you (Whatever you want, baby)
Whatever you need (Woo...)
There's nothing I won't do (And I say whatever you want, baby)

I say whatever you want
My heart belongs to you
I say whatever you need (
I'll be right here for you

Once in a lifetime
You will find someone like you
And now that I have you
Here's what I'm gonna do (I'm gonna give you so much)

I will give you my all and all
Over and over again, lady, lady, lady
Lovin' you too much, baby
Is not, is not, is not a sin"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adventures in Cooking: Domesticated Diva

Cooking is a sport and a talent. Not everyone can play. I think that I am a pretty decent cook. I have the potential to be a great one though. I have a love-hate relationship with cooking. Some days, I am excited about what to cook. Other days, I couldn't care less. Lately, however, I have found a renewed interest in cooking different things. I think I was always just tired of eating the same things day in and day out. I am also a rather picky eater. I blame my Mom for that. I just know what I like.

There are dishes that I will eat in certain restaurants that I've never cooked. One of those meals is Chicken Parmesan. I decided to try my hand at this one. The simple recipe I found here helped tremendously. I purchased my ingredients and got to work. This recipe was so easy to follow. I was done with the prep work and in the oven in less than 20 minutes. I baked it for 30 minutes. The smell wafted throughout the house. I couldn't wait to taste my work. I was impressed with myself. It was so good. I ate it for dinner and lunch the next day. I even fed my brother. He agreed that it was good as well.

Next, I have fallen in love with homemade sugar cookies. I had a taste for some one afternoon. I searched for a recipe. I found one here. My cookies came put perfectly the first try! I was too excited. Since that first night, I have tweaked the recipe to my liking. I have been a baking fool. My nephews love them! They were a huge hit with my fam. I love the fact that days later that the cookies are still soft and chewy. That and taste are the deciding factors in what makes a great cookie to me.

Today, I have tried my hand at lasagna. I have helped make it before. I have watched m aunt make her famous lasagna for years during the holidays. This will technically be my first time cooking it myself. I did not need a recipe for this one. I already knew what to do. I also knew that cheese would be the most important factor for me. I love a cheesy lasagna. I like variety too. I used mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar cheeses and lots of it. I layered my pan with lasagna noodles, meat sauce and loads of cheese. I baked it for 30 minutes. The smell was awesome. The taste was even better. I paired it with garlic bread sticks and a salad. The perfect Sunday dinner if I do say so myself. And, I do!! It came out great.

I am sure I will be getting into more cooking soon. I cannot wait. I think I like it more than I have before. It makes me happy to cook. I am more excited about the act of creating meals than the actuality of eating it. Eating is a second thought. I am grateful for the easy recipes that I have found. They have been more than helpful. I am always apprehensive when I am trying something new. Once I have a handle on something, I am sure I won't need to rely on a recipe. I will be able to do it from my head and heart. That is what makes a great cook/chef to me. I cannot wait to cook more and for more people. I am clearly becoming a domesticated diva the older I become. Who would've guessed it??

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Discuss "Grey's Anatomy's" Cristina Yang

For some strange reasons, I love medical dramas. I was an avid fan of "ER" from the beginning to end. The same goes for "Grey's Anatomy." Well, except the season after they fired Isiah Washington for something so dumb. From inception, I have not been a big fan of the character Cristina Yang. She is an odd woman to me. I have never agreed with her actions or the reckless things she always says. She just isn't a lovable character. I tolerate her. Barely. She is portrayed as very cold, and stoic. She only seems to warm up to Meredith Grey and her husband Owen. In general, she is a great doctor but not so much a great person.

Thursday night's season premiere was full of many shocking moments. Before I get into them, let's talk background information for a minute. Cristina has had two great love stories. One ended when her fiance' left her at the alter. The second one is ongoing. She married another brilliant surgeon. Their relationship and marriage is very unorthodox and strange. There were many reasons as to why these two individuals should not have gotten married. but alas, they did. Trouble followed closely behind the "I do's." Cristina has never wanted kids. She got pregnant by her first boyfriend. She scheduled an abortion without telling him. She ending up not having the abortion but only because she had a tubal pregnancy. She lost the baby.

Cut to the end of last season, this married, brilliant doctor got pregnant by her husband. Two great doctors who are married and have different ideas about kids did not take any precautions to prevent pregnancy. What? Seriously people?? The two of them should be better at preventative measures. They weren't. Cristina found out she was pregnant on last season's finale. Her husband Owen was over the moon happy. She was clearly not. She proclaimed, without an discussion, that she was having an abortion. She did not give him a choice. She made a decision without any thought. How freaking selfish?? I cannot believe that a grown woman who has already had an unplanned pregnancy would allow herself to end up in the same predicament. And, that she would make the same choice to end it. Owen finally gave in and went with her to have the procedure done. I do not like this storyline.

I am disgusted with the way all of this has played out so far. I do not believe in abortions. Well, let me say that for myself I am 100% Pro-Life. That has always been my stance. I'm sure my Mom has a lot to do with that. Since before I was sexually active, she made sure I knew all of my options. She also let me know that abortion wasn't one of them. I respected her for having such strong convictions on the subject. For everyone else, I am Pro-Choice. I believe in what I believe in. I respect other's beliefs as well. I just don't want anyone pushing their agenda and beliefs on me. I am a 31 year old woman. I am pretty sure my mind is set on many things.

The Cristina/Owen storyline is just unrealistic to me. Having children is a big ticket idea when discussing marriage. It is essentially a deal breaker. I know I could not marry a man who didn't want to have kids because I definitely do. It's one thing I will not budge on. I also wouldn't want to talk a man into having kids. That would not end well. I guess I'm just really surprised the writers went in that direction. I also cannot wait to see what the fallout from this decision will be. I am positive it will be the breaking point of their marriage. When you want to have kids, it is not something that you can suppress for long. I will be watching to see what develops.

Friday, September 23, 2011

13 Years Later

They say time heals all wounds. I'm inclined to slightly disagree. 13 years ago, my Father was murdered. He was snatched away from his kids right when he was finally getting it together. I still get angry when I think about all the memories we will never have with him. I never got to tell him goodbye. Yes, he had his faults but I loved him still. I am not attempting to turn him into a martyr since he is gone. He was a man, flawed but real.

Every year, this day is full of mixed emotion. Some years I am fine. Other years I cannot deal. This year was a mix of both. I wish I could just hear his voice one last time. Hear him say my name the way only he could. I miss his laugh, miss him clowning around. I get sad thinking that my future kids and my nieces and nephews will never get to know their Grandpa. I am sure he would have a field day with them. I even miss arguing with him. I'm angry that I will never get the chance to become a better daughter to him and him a better father to me. This is just wishful thinking on my part. Some days, I just miss my Dad. September 23rd is always one of those days.

R.I.P. Kenneth Jerome "Kool Ken" Hawkins Sr. We will always love and miss you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Live Your Life

I think we all struggle with this. Am I living my life to the fullest? Or am I just existing? And what can I do to make sure the width of my life is as full as it could possibly be? Life can be really hard. It is easy to get caught up in the day to day without truly living. The good thing about that is if we are lucky we get to try again tomorrow. Life, I believe is about living your passion. Finding that thing that makes your heart smile every single time you do it. That is when we come alive. Writing is my thing for now. It fulfills me on so many levels. It's always good to read something like this to re-energize you. It motivates me to do more, be more, achieve more. There is a message in those words.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sometimes Justice Isn't Always Just

The great state of Georgia murdered a man tonight. His name was Troy Davis. He was found guilty of killing a cop. There was little to no physical evidence, the murder weapon wasn't found, and 7 of the initial 9 eyewitnesses recanted their testimonies. Also, one of the eyewitnesses was identified as the real killer. Troy Davis sat in jail on death row for years for what seems to be a crime he did not commit. He was spared from execution 3 times before. That holding pattern did not return tonight. Troy Davis was pronounced dead @ 11:08pm on September 21, 2011.

This is not about wanting to free Troy Davis. There was just too much reasonable doubt for him to be executed. Reasonable doubt has to be a factor in a trial. Too many things were discovered after the trial had ended. This man should have been vindicated of this charge. His life should have been spared. Once I heard that the Supreme Court's decision resided on Justice Thomas, I knew Davis was going to die. Justice Thomas hasn't spoken up to on the SC in years. And for him to make a definitive move involving an imprisoned Black man and a murdered white cop would not happen. He isn't the man for that job. It sucks to write that Davis didn't stand a chance

I have never been a big believer in capital punishment. Not even when murder begin to affect my family heavily. To me, it's like saying ok you killed someone and that was wrong. So we're going to kill you too. Ghandi says "an eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind." I totally agree. I do believe in being sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Prison needs to be a much harder, rougher place though. No cable tv, or access to the Internet. A killer should not be rewarded for their crimes.

I've always been fascinated by the law. But, I've never been blinded it by it. Our system is seriously flawed. There are too many Black men incarcerated than there are graduating. If Blacks only make up 12% of the population, we shouldn't occupy 36% of the prison population. Those numbers are wrong. I'm not saying that a lot of them don't belong there. There are, however, far too many there that don't belong. The system needs to be shaken up, broken down and built back up to be what it was supposed to be. States should stop shortcutting educational funds and stop building multi million dollar prisons. What sense does that make? Lack of education, skills, and money are all determining factors on what makes a criminal. We need a change.

I watched people debate about Troy Davis on Twitter for days. Some extremely informed, others not as much. Cases like his never seem to garner much media attention until it's too late. It's sad to say but race seems to be the determining factor. It's clear that Casey Anthony killed her baby, yet she's free to procreate and kill again. Just yesterday, a 25 year old white woman gave birth to twin boys and suffocated them to death. She's walking around free. Where is the justice in that? These are the things that totally make me so angry about our legal system. Sometimes justice isn't always so just. I hope the outcry of support for Troy Davis moves people to action. It's well beyond time for my generation to do something.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Jade "One Woman"

I used to be the biggest Jade fan. This girl group was a little edgy, kinda street, and they all could sing! Their debut was filled with these wonderful melodies and lyrics that made me think. I've loved this song since the first time I heard it. I've always wondering what happened to this group. Anyway, I heard this on Pandora today. Felt like sharing. Get into this!

"You never have to worry about my love
as long as you're taking care of business with my heart
see I'm the kind of girl to dedicate my world
and you gotta give me all you got
I need it all baby every drop

You got to show me
and mean the words you say
its not a game for me baby
its just not that way

(chorus) I'm only one woman
Baby treat me like a lady
you gotta take the time to show me
that I'm your one and only I'm only one woman
baby and I need a one woman man

shoo doo doo wop
shoo doo doo woo
shoo doo doo wop
shoo doo doo woo

You never have to wonder if I care
if you're sharing the way I feel for love
you know I'm real
I'm the kind of girl to dedicate my world
but you gotta give me all you got
I need it all baby every drop

You got to show me
and mean the words you say
its not a game for me baby
its just not that way"

Monday, September 19, 2011

So Underrated

There are a lot of "artists" that I just don't get. I do not see or hear their talent. I can however see their lack thereof. The music business is full of a lot of fluff with no substance. I miss real music. Listening to the radio makes me so sad. There is a lack of creativity and deep thought in music. Actually the things I have been hearing mostly is crap. There is no other way to describe it. And, just because its selling does not mean that it is good music. There are a few artist that I will support.

I know that the business is about the "total package" but it seems the "talent" portion of that package is not necessarily a must. I wonder how some of these people even got deals. It's amazing to me that they have blown up. It seems that the "audience"accepts meritocracy as excellence. We are been force fed junk. I don't listen to the radio or watch 106 & Park for this reason. I like discovering new and under appreciated acts. I like to listen to things others haven't heard of yet. The underrated artists will always have my support. I will legally download their work.

I decided to just compose a short list of the artists that I feel are underrated. They don't get the shine they deserve. They produce great music and give great shows. Their record labels seem to not see their full potential. I really don't get it. Obviously, they were talented enough to be signed. But, sometime after that, things changed. I am hoping that the industry takes a major turn. I would love for things to get back to the feel good R&B of the late 80's and 90's or the make you think as well as move Hip Hop of yesteryear. I will keep my fingers crossed for that. Underrated or not, I love the music of these artists. What do you think? Who's underrated to you?

**My List**

- Corrine Bailey Rae
- Vivian Green
- Ledisi
- Joe
- Avant
- Teedra Moses
- Carl Thomas
- Tweet
- Syleena Johnson
- Wale
- Chrisette Michelle (minus most of her last cd)
- P!NK
- India Aire
- Solange Knowles
- Monica
- Brandy
- Amerie
- Joe Budden

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

"If you could invite any person, living or dead, who would you invite and why?" This dinner party question has always intrigued me. I've put a lot of thought into who my guests would be. Over the years, some of my guests have changed. There are 3 that haven't at all. I would want a dinner party where there was deep conversation as well as easy laughter. I would want everyone to enjoy every minute of it.

Shawn Corey Carter. This man's mind intrigues me. He is more than a talented rapper. He's intelligent. He has a great business mind. I would love to dig into it for a while. I have been a fan since "Reasonable Doubt." The older he gets, the more I am drawn to know more about who he really is. The man has released 11 #1 solo cds. His raps are still relevant. He has cultivated his brand into a virtual cash cow. This does not happen by chance nor does it happen to everyone. He seems charismatic, charming, and funny. I think all of that would make him an interesting dinner guest.

Next I would def invite President Barack Obama. I became aware of him years before he ran for President. I was amazed by his words, the way he spoke with such conviction and his seemingly undeniable ease with people. I voted for him in 2008 because I believed he had my best interests at heart. I will be voting for him in 2012 for the same exact reason. I think conversations with him on any topic would be thought provoking and deep. His personality is warm and welcoming. I think everyone would love him as well.

Frida Kahlo would have the most interesting stories to tell. Her art pieces alone would provide hours of dissecting conversations. She is one of my favorite artists. She laid her pain bare for the world to see with no remorse. Oh and she could bring her husband as well.

Dr. Steve Perry is a educator who is changing the face of education. He is also a new author. I would love to discuss how his program is graduating 100% of his students and also sending them to college. That number is astounding and quite unbelievable. I would love to hear him tell how he became so focused on education and what it all means to him.

Morris Block was my Speech and Debate Sponsor in middle and high school. I loved everything about him. He knew a little bit about everything. I think his love of literature, poetry, and the theater was infectious. I've never seen the man meet a stranger. He could engage with any and everyone. He passed when I was in college. He was also one of my favorite teachers as well as people. He would make a wonderful dinner guest.

My final guest would be my Dad. He was a very personable man. A true comedian to his heart. He was always the life of the party. Everyone knew his name and were happy to see him arrive. He would not be intimidated by any celebrity there. He would just be comfortable and himself. I would be proud. This would be the dinner party of my life. I would be the perfect hostess and chef. My dinner party would be an absolute success.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Giving Up The "ME" For The "WE"

I was discussing my previous post with Kristopher. The discussion prompted some great follow up questions. He posed a few questions. We talk all the time about the future and our thoughts on things. I just felt like this was a great follow up to yesterday's blog.

1) "Do you think that you have to give up independence once you're married?
-- I think that both people give up some of their independence once they get married. You have to. You have to give up some of your selfishness and think about your union. I also think that the reward is worth that sacrifice.

2) "Can we have independence in our marriage? Give examples."
-- I believe that some independence shall remain. I think both of us still need time for ourselves as well as our friends. We should both be able to exist outside of our marriage. Some independence is given up and replaced by a little bit of codependency. We believe that it's the give and take of what we perceive marriage to be.

3) "If he was taking care of the finances, would I have a problem handing my check to him?"
-- I wouldn't. I trust that he wouldn't use it to control me. He is great with numbers and finance. So why wouldn't I deferred that to him? This is his area of expertise so I wouldn't deprive him of it. I just want to be kept abreast of what's going out of the house & what's in the account.

4) "If I was the only one working & he stayed home & took care of the kids, would I still feel the same about giving him my whole paycheck and letting him handle the finances?"
-- Yes, I would. But it's not because he's a man. Finances & math are both his field. I know that he would have a better understanding of what's the right percent interest and things of that nature. I would just feel more comfortable with him handling it.

5) "Would I feel he was still playing his role if he was a stay @ home Dad? We're both really traditional in thoughts, so would that bother you? And would it effect the structure of co-dependancy we think relationships should be based on?"
-- The reality is that stay @ home Dads are sort of a new normal. If it was more beneficial for me to work & him to stay home then no, I don't think it would bother me. I don't think it would affect that structure. Because our foundation would still be the same. He would still be the head of the household...regardless of where he work. Of course, he would still be playing his role. Being a stay @ home Dad is a job. It's all the time, no time off, and often thankless. Trust me it's a job. We are very traditional but I believe also very flexible as well.

I love discussing things like this with him. It's so interesting to realize how much we have in common. Our morals and values line up on the little as well as the large things. I think that's a great thing. Giving up the "me" for the "we" is what this whole blog is about. The independent woman can change and grow. It's totally possible.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Strong Enough For Me To Be Weak

"No matter how strong the woman is , she wishes a for man to be stronger than herself ....not in order to give him the right to limit her freedom, but to give her the right." - Stolen from the Facebook status of my girl Aisha.

This status stroke a chord with me. Probably because it describes me. I've spoken about my strength on my blog before. I think Black women are raised to be strong. It's something inherent in us. I grew up watching my Mom being the epitome of a strong woman. She worked 2 & 3 jobs as well as taking care of us & home. She personified strength tovme all my life. Being the oldest of 6, being strong was the only option for me. I used to think that my strength could be seen as a con. I had to learn how to allow myself to be weak when I needed to be. It was a tough lesson to learn.

This internal struggle between strength and weakness was intense. It's most apparent in relationships to me. Sometimes women can be so strong and so independent that they can make a man feel unwanted, unneeded, and less than. No good can come from that. This isn't about stroking a man's ego. It's about respecting him and allowing a man to be a man in the relationship. I'm also not a big believer in the whole "I (as a woman) can do everything a man can. " I can't. Nor can any man do everything a woman can. If they could, I'd love to see a man go through pregnancy and give birth.

After thinking about the status, I felt I had to respond. So, I said "This is golden!!! Sometimes when you've been the strong woman, all you want is someone to help ease the load. And when you find a man who allows you to be weak without compromising who you are, it is the most wonderful thing. It's absolutely amazing to have someone who wants to be strong for you even if he knows you can handle it." Finding a man who can just allow you to note strong all the time is amazing. It's about letting go of control for a while. That is a gift in itself.

The conversation that followed Aisha's status was full of insightful gems. My girl Kenyatta made a few great points about not dealing with a weak man. She said " A women could NEVER take the place of a man....and being independent is good when your have no choice. But trying to be super woman and run shit while I'm in a relationship...NOT. That would never work." I totally agree. This wasn't about bashing men. It was more about celebrating the great ones. Being a strong Black woman can be the gift and the curse sometimes. But, if and when a woman can find a man strong enough for her to be weak, she better hold on. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to allow someone else to lead for a while. There is beauty in strength. Embrace it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tat My Name...What?

I am a Drake fan. I have been since his second mixtape. Way before Wayne got ahold of him, way before he was YMCMB. I was a fan. A few nights ago, the Twitterverae was all caught up when Drake and Rick Ross' "Free Spirit" dropped. The beat is ridiculous and I love Drake's verse. I am indifferent to Ross though. There is one line in the chorus that has bugged me since I heard it. "Tat my name on it so I know that it's real." Ummm, sir, WHAT??? What type of ghetto, ignorant ish is this? Tattoo's are permanent. Music careers are not.

I think that Drake is tripping with this one line. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE tattoos. I have a few. I really want at least two more (small) ones. But, tattooing a man's name on me ain't it. I do not believe in such foolishness. That one act would not prove that I loved a man. Nor would it prove that the relationship will last. And, I wonder exactly how could me tattooing his name on my body prove that its "real?" In my eyes, it's real dumb. I would never do that. It goes against everything that I believe in. My love for said man would be proven in a plethora of other ways that would clearly mean more. Conversely, I would absolutely die if a man tatted my name on him. I would be highly concerned. It is not an act of love that I need, want, or desire. And, if he is with me, he would already know this about me. I am totally against it.

Strangely enough, I do not think some rappers realize their influence over young impressionable minds. Drake has a large younger following. Maybe his lyrics should be a little more accountable. I also spotted a picture of a young girl with "Drizzy Drake" tattooed on the back of her thighs. o_O Ma'am? Really? I am dumbfounded. This is insane. In the words of my cousin Janelle, "the children are clearly not our future anymore!" I am still shaking my head. So, in response to Aubrey Drake Graham, "No, sir, I WILL NOT tat your f'n name to let you know it's real." A real man who is in a relationship and in love with me already knows it is so real. No tattoos needed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sometimes I read something that comes at the perfect time. this picture/quote is one of them. It's so easy to get caught up in everything and everyone else. I am my hardest critic. I expect so much of me that it's easy to get down on myself. Sometimes, I need to stop and cherish the moment that I am in. Smell the tulips (I don't like roses lol), notice how blue the sky is, feel the breeze on my face. The simple things are so easy to take for granted. I am human. I have and will make mistakes. I will fall short and I will fail. But, the beauty in all of that, is the comeback, the next triumph, the eventual victory.

I have to remember to cut myself some slack every now and again. Yes, it is great to hear accolades from others. But, my opinion of myself has and will always be the one I respect the most. I like myself. I have to be able to look myself in the mirror and not only like who I am but love who I am. Because of this, I am tough on me. I think I have softened in this area with age. That is a beautiful thing in my eyes. So, like I said, I needed to read this when I did. Perspective is always a great thing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keep Ya Head Up

Tupac Amaru Shakur. September 13, 1996. I will always remember that day. He was a rapper that I have been a fan of since the first time I heard his voice. He was a person who intrigued me. I cannot believe it's been 15 years (yesterday) since Tupac died. This is one of my favorite pieces by Nikki Giovanni. She dedicated it to Tupac.

Nikki Giovanni “All Eyez On U” (2Pac dedication)

As I tossed and turned
unable to achieve sleep
unable to control anxiety
unable to comprehend why
2Pac is not with us

If those who lived by the sword died by the sword
there would be no white men on earth
If those who lived on hatred died on hatred there would be no KKK
If those who lived by lies died by lies
there would be nobody on wall street in executive suites
In academic offices instructing the young
Don’t tell me he got what he deserved
He deserved a chariot and the accolades of a grateful people
He deserved his life
It is as clear as a mountain stream, as defining as a lightning strike
as terrifying as sun to vampires
2Pac told the truth

There were those who called it dirty
Gansta rap inciting
There were those who never wanted to be angry at the conditions
but angry at the messenger who reported:
Your kitchen has roaches, your toilet is overflowing
your basement has so much water the rats are in the living room
Your house is in disorder
and 2Pac told you about it

What a beautiful boy
Graceful carriage, melodic voice, sharp wit
intellectual breath….what a beautiful boy to lose
Not me….never me….I do not believe east coast west coast
I saw them murder Emmett Till
I saw them murder Malcolm X
I saw them murder Martin Luther King
I witnessed them shooting Rap Brown
I saw them beat LeRoi Jones
I saw them fill their jails
I see them burning churches
Not me….never me….
I do not believe this is some sort of mouth action
This is some sort of political action and they picked well
They picked the brightest freshest fruit from the tallest tree
What a beautiful boy…..but he will not go away
as Malcolm did not go away
as Emmett Till did not go away
Your shooting him will not take him from us
His spirit will fill our hearts
His courage will strengthen us for the challenge
His truth will straighten our backbones you know?
Socrates had a mother
She too watched her son drink hemlock
She too asked why
but Socrates stood firm and would not lie to save himself
2Pac has a mother
The lovely Afeni had to bury her son
It is not right
It is not right this young warrior is cut down
It is not right for the old to bury the young
It is not right
This generation mourns 2Pac
as my generation mourned Till
as we all mourn Malcolm
This wonderful young warrior

Sonia Sanchez said when she learned of his passing she walked all day
walking the beautiful warrior home to our ancestors
I just cried as all mothers cry for the beautiful boy who said
he and Mike Tyson would never be allowed
to be free at the same time
Who told the truth about them and who told the truth about us
Who is our beautiful warrior

There are those who wanted to make him the problem
who wanted to believe if they silenced 2Pac
all would be quiet on the ghetto front
There are those who testified that the problem wasn’t the conditions
but the people talking about them
They took away band, so the boys started scratching
They took away gym, so the boys started break dancing
The boys started rapping cause they gave them the guns
and the drugs but not the schools and libraries

What a beautiful boy to lose
and we mourn 2Pac Shakur and we reach out to his mother
and we hug ourselves in sadness and shame
and we are compelled to ask:
R U Happy, Mz Tucker?
2Pac is gone
R U Happy?“

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ridiculously Random

* I am nervous about hosting my sister's baby shower this weekend. i don't really know why though.

* I know I am spoiled but I don't think that I ask more of people than what I expect of myself. I'm sorry if that's to much for you.

* Football season is official back. Yes!! But, what about my basketball though?? I really need the NBA to get it together. I cannot go through a whole fall/winter/spring/summer without basketball!! I need it.

* The Carter IV is wack!! Yes, I said it. And, I also think Baby bought up most of those copies to boost Wayne's first week sales. Watch his drop next week.

* I never knew it was possible to feel this much love for another person or receive so much love back. I feel like I'm completely consumed by it, covered in it, and enveloped by it. My heart is so entirely full.

* I'm excited about a few things. I am simply going to pray about and speak them into existence. Walking by faith alone!

* This taste of Fall that we had this last week thanks to Tropical Storm Lee was greatly appreciated. Me and my hair are thankful :) It would be nice if it stuck around.

* I think I have to stop buying so much music. My hobby is becoming an obsession.

* I cannot believe that I will be 32 this year. I still feel 25 lol. Its like the time just flew by. Wow!But, I am definitely embracing the beauty of growing older. Which is funny because turning 30 freaked me out.

* I think I've figured out my not being able to sleep at night problem. My mind is always running, even when I lay down at night. Meditating has helped in this area. Focusing on quieting the thoughts in my head while relaxing my body has been key.

* Cannot wait for it to actually be Fall/Winter. I love wearing boots and coats. LOVE IT!!

* Sometimes I act out in anger because I'm frustrated. I should stop this. It falls into the spoiled category of me wanting what I want when I want it.

* I've taken up the habit of making cookies from scratch. The results have been melt in your mouth good. So proud of me.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance of 9/11

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of an American tragedy. In some ways I still cannot believe that something so horrible happened in America. It's one of those days that one will always remember exactly where they were when it happened. Before this event, no national tragedy had affected my life. I can not say that after 9/11. It opened my eyes to some things. I did not know it was possible to feel such sadness and grief associated with people I did not personally know. It also forced me to grow up some as well. There was no one that could help me understand how a person could do something so evil to innocent people. 9/11 still feels unreal ten years later.

I remember waking up late and rushing to get to class on time. I was still staying on campus then. The walk to class was eerily quiet and devoid of people. I didn't realize this until much later. I just didn't want to be late to my Poli Sci class with Dr. Frantz. I remember entering the building and feeling strange. When I got to class, I noticed that there were a bunch of my classmates standing in the doorway of the main Poli Sci office. I asked my friend Chris what was up. He said "You didn't turn on the tv this morning huh?" I hadn't. I shook my head no. At that moment, my professor rolled a tv into the classroom and turned on CNN. I could not believe what was on the tv. The first plane had hit the first tower. At this point, we just thought it was just a freak accident. WE had no clue what the next hour would bring. Class was dismissed. I took out my cell to call my Mom. But my cell wasn't working. Verizon was down. I made it to a pay phone to make a collect call home. I talk ed to my Granny.

I made it back to my room about 10 minutes later. My roommate Tamara was there already glued to CNN. I changed clothes and joined her. We were having a "we can't believe this has happened" conversation when we watched the second plane hit the second tower. We screamed. It was apparent that this was no accident. We realized we were under attack. I will never forget all the phone calls we got. I think the one moment that will forever haunt me is seeing people jump to their deaths and watching the Towers fall. I couldn't get those images out of my head for the longest time. It was just horrible. I was sick. I never really understood how other countries hated America. That was a very dark day. We didn't sleep. CNN was the only thing we watched all week. I couldn't wait to go home that weekend and just hug my family.

There was a different feeling in the air on campus. There was a sense of unity that I had never felt before. The tragedy of 9/11 sparked a renewed faith in being American. We had a rally and it wasn't about black or white or anything other than the fact that we were Americans. I know in my life there will always be two huge national moments that are definitive. they are 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. Both hugely impacted my life and my outlook on many things. Innocent people died but I think their lives were not lost in vain. We will always remember them. Because we will always remember 9/11.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gender Specific

I believe in traditions. I think some things that are tried and true just work. I am a woman who can take care of herself. I'm independent and I think for myself. But I think I may be a little bit sexist. And, I'm ok with that. Gender specific roles are very real in my life. I think that's ok because it works for me and my life.

I have no problem with taking care of a home. I don't mind cleaning or cooking. I could deal without washing dishes but I don't despise it. I absolutely love doing laundry. These are all duties that traditionally fall under the female umbrella. I'm ok with that. Just don't ask me to cut the grass or do any major lifting. I don't think I'm prissy but I am a girly girl. I'm not big on getting dirty.

I know feminist would look down on my beliefs. But I don't care. I can't even truly pinpoint where this specific line of thinking came from. It def wasn't a part of my home life growing up. It is what I believe and hold true. Traditional gender roles have been around for ages. They have changed throughout the years. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but as for me and my house, it will probably be law. This woman is more than alright with that.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Lauryn Hill & D'Angelo "Nothing Even Matters"

There are some songs that just stay with you. Lauryn and D'Angelo's "Nothing Even Matters" is definitely one of those tracks. "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" is full of songs that will always mean something to me. I loved the soulful combination of their voices on a track. It is the epitome of a great love song. I do believe that this just may be my favorite track on the cd. It is timeless and classic in my book. This song used to make me really hopeful about finding, getting, and deserving a love like that. I used to think to be so in love like that nothing or no one else matters must be a wonderful thing. I am glad to say that I now know that it is :) Enjoy this relatively new throwback track!

Now the skies could fall
Not even if my boss should call
The world it seems so very small
Cause nothing even matters at all
See nothing even matters
See nothing even matters at all
Nothing even matters
Nothing even matters at all

See I don't need no alcohol
Your love makes me feel ten feet tall
Without it I'd go through withdrawal
Cause nothing even matters, at all
Nothing even matters
Nothing even matters at all
Nothing even matters
No-thing matters at all

These buildings could drift out to sea
Some natural catastrophe
Still there's no place I'd rather be
Cause nothing even matters to me
See nothing even matters
See nothing even matters to meee
Nothing even matters
Nothing even matters to me

You're part of my identity
I sometimes have a tendency
to look at you religiously
Cause nothing even matters, to me
Nothing even matters
Nothing even mat-ters
Said it don't matter, baby baby
Don't matter

Now you won't find me at no store
I have no time for manicures
With you it's never either or
Cause nothing even matters, no more
See nothing it don't matter
See nothing even mahhh-ahhhters no more
Nothing even mahh-ters
Nothing even matters no more

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby

"I'm tryna make us 3 from the 2 still the 1" - Beyonce' "Countdown" With the cutest announcement at last week's MTV VMA's, Beyonce and Jay Z stole the show. they are having a baby! Congrats to them! In the week that has followed the announcement, I have read some of the most ridiculous things about this unborn baby and pregnancy. Things I can not wrap my head around. So, I won't. I will just continue to be happy for them. I will also block out the nonsense that some people clearly believe. I will not drink the kool-aid.

There is a blogger that has decided that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy. Really? Seriously? I do not get that at all. But then again this woman hates Beyonce, Jay Z, President Obama alike. A baby is a blessing, plain and simple. I have read that people thought the way the Carters announced their pregnancy was tacky and calculated. I personally believe that they took the power away from the paps, media, and gossip rags by telling THEIR own business themselves. What a way to cut out the middle man. I thought the anti-announcement on the MTV VMA's Black carpet was cute. And, I LOVED Beyonce's performance and Jay Z's reaction. Then again, I am a fan of both.

There has also been a backlash against single mothers. I keep seeing people tweet/tumble/post that Beyonce did it the right way. She dated, got married and then had a baby. Granted that is the way we were all taught to do things. I am not doubting that. But, the reality is that single parenthood is more prevalent than not. This is our societal norm. I do not knock single parents. I am the product of one. And, what is even funnier is the fact that my parents were married. Things fall apart. I would never base my life decisions on any celebrity. I will not be having a baby because Jay and Bey are having one. That is just crazy. Anyone who thinks like that may need some help as well.

As a fan, I loved that the normally very quiet about their personal life Carters let us in on a secret. The excitement in both of their faces was amazing. That was the look of love that night. I do not get caught up in conspiracy theories. To me, they are two great entertainers who happen to be married, in love, and expecting their first child. That is a beautiful thing. All they owe the world is to entertain us. That is all. Ain't love grand?

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Get Into It: My Hair, My Products, My Review

On a recent Sally's Beauty Salon, I discovered a product by the name of One 'n Only Argan Oil. I purchased a curling iron by the same company. Since purchasing the products, I had honestly forgot about them. Before washing my hair today, I decided that today would be my experimentation day. For better or worse, I was all in. I would be using the curling iron, Argan Oil that accompanied it, and the moisture reconstructive conditioner as well. I wasn't expecting much because new hair products make me apprehensive. I was however totally wrong about this one.

After washing my hair with KeraCare shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, I used about half of the packet of Argan oil moisture reconstructive conditioner. I left it in for 5 minutes and then I rinsed it out. Then, I used a very small amount of Argan Oil in my hair. I proceeded to blow dry my hair. Today, my blow drying time was much shorter than usual. After I was done, I could not stop running my fingers through my hair. It was so soft and completely dry. I have to conclude that the Argan Oil products are solely responsible for this change. I could not wait to style my hair!! I was so excited. I flat ironed and hot curled my hair. The results were amazing. Very soft and full of body.I am a fan of Argan Oil now. I will definitely be investing in more Argan Oil products.

The description of this product was also very promising. It reads "One 'n Only Argan Oil is a premium finishing, smoothing and conditioning product. This non-greasy, alcohol-free formula instantly absorbed into the hair, creating brilliant shine without leaving an oily residue. Smoothes cuticle for the silky, conditioned and healthy looking hair. This precious oil eliminates frizz and leaves hair more manageable while helping to protect against damage caused by the environment, chemicals or excessive heat from styling irons and dryers. Provides UV protection and long-term conditioning while reducing split ends and breakage
Ideal for all hair types, One 'n Only Argan Oil reduces drying time and speeds up styling time producing consistently silky smooth results."

This all comes at a curious time. I have been battling internally about getting back to my natural hair state. I am also looking for new products. I have been using KeraCare and Mizani products for years now. I needed a change. Argan Oil has just moved to the top of my list. My hair seems shinier as well. That is just an added plus. A chance trip to Sally's has ended with great results. I love when my hair looks good. It makes me feel better. Silly but very true. I am very happy about my results. I just wanted to share this with you guys.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Career Crossroads

There comes a time when one feels the need to change things. I am definitely here now. I am at a career crossroads. From the time I was 8 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer. I never changed my mind all the way through college. I never doubted what I wanted or who I wanted to be. Then I graduated and things shifted. My love for the law is not as intense as it once was. I've been kinda just living but not really existing when it comes to working. The more I've thought about it, the more I've been wanting to go back to school. I no longer want to further my Political Science degree. I still enjoy politics and the law. I just don't want that to be my life's work.

After having a deep conversation with my Love, he said something that moved me. He suggested teaching. He knows how much I love reading, writing, and my subconscious talent of correcting written works. It just makes sense. It's also crazy because two different friends suggested the same thing earlier this summer. The thought scares and excites me. Being an educator never crossed my mind. I've never seen myself in that role. But, now, that thought seems more tangible than ever. I think I could do it and do it well. So going back to school to get my masters in English seems to be the road I'm on. I'm still figuring things out. I still not 100% sure where I'm headed. But I do love that an avenue I never considered has been opened for me. Only time and God will tell. I will pray about it. I think that's a great way to begin.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is always good for a great time with family and a good bbq. Usually. but, not this year. Tropical Storm Lee had another thing in mind. This rain and wind does not see it for any bbq's today. At this particular moment it sounds as if the wind is trying to get inside. And, since I can't go out, I might as well stay in and wash my hair. So, I hope the rest of you are enjoying your Labor Day. Happy Labor Day people!!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Sappy Moment

Hi, my name is Kenda and I am a sap. I can admit this now. The word describes me adequately. I am what I am. When you are the oldest of 6 siblings, being soft or weak is clearly not an option. Yes, I am a woman. but, I am also the older sister who held things down and together. I was never big on being overly emotional, especially in public. I was always so closed off when it came to actually showing emotions that I could not control. Letting go of that has lightened the load on my shoulders. I have never been so

The older I have get, the more that has changed. I'm sure that it has more to do with the mental, emotional state I am currently in. I am now the woman who will cry while watching a sappy movie or tv show. Of course, music still resonates deeply with me. I get so teary eyed when my nephews (Kendrick, Philip, Kameran & Kole) and my nieces (Karmen & Kylah) tell me they love me. It's something about being an Auntie that has softened me. I never knew that such small people could capture so much of my heart. Their words affect me. When they call me and say "Teedy Kenda, I miss you" it makes my heart smile.

Introspection can be so freeing. I am still not that comfortable with crying in public. But, I will cry in front of my people. I cannot help it when I get overwhelmed emotionally. I have learned that I cannot carry everything inside of me. I believe that all of this makes me more feminine, more womanly. A lot of things and people have softened me. I like the way it feels to just allow myself to feel. Feeling and going with it is just wonderful. So, yes, I'm a sap. I blush when complimented, I cry when being told I love you, my eyes get filled with tears when i watch romantic comedies. That's just who I am. A huge sap. I am more than alright with that.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The ABC's of Moi

Age: 31
Bed Size: Queen
Chore You Hate: Washing Dishes
Dogs: Not yet, but I will be getting a grey peekapoo or maltipoo, who shall be called Karter!
Essential start of your day: My early morning conversations with Kristopher
Favorite color: Cerulean
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5’4
Instruments I play (or have played): *wishful thinking* Piano
Job title: Awesome Poet/Writer
Kids: Not yet…but sooner than later.
Lives: in the moment.
Mom’s name: Mommie :)
Nickname: Kenda-Wenda, SunShyne, Baby ;*)
Overnight hospital stays: Never.
Pet peeve: Stupidity.
Quote from a movie: “Sid, you’re my air!” or "I love you and that's urgent than a muthafucka!"
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: 5 - 3 sisters, 2 brothers.
Time you wake up: Depends…between 6 and 7am.
Underwear: are optional.
Vegetables you dislike: Green Peas.
What makes you run late: Getting caught up with fam, phone calls, music etc.
X-rays you’ve had done: Breasts and right foot.
Yummy food you make: Shrimp Portifino.
Zoo animal: I love elephants and giraffes.

Friday, September 02, 2011

My Major Blogging Milestone

This is my 300th blog post. Wow! This is a significant feat for me. I'm so excited for me. I started this blog a little over a year ago. I never dreamed then that I would be here now. This blog is like my baby. I've poured my heart into my words. I just feel like there is someone somewhere reading my blog and identifying with what I've been through. This blog connects me to people I may never meet. That, to me, is an incredible thing. Writing opens up this avenue for me.

Blogging has become therapeutic for me. I didn't realize how much I needed this outlet. Writing has been my passion since the 4th grade. I am just really good at expressing myself through words or painting a picture through them. I will continue to do so. I am always so excited when I post something here. I look forward to seeing my words in print. It's like a natural high for me. I look forward to the next 300 posts. So, stick around for everything else that may fall in between.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Puppy Love

I have always loved puppies. I have been wanting to get one for a while now. I am sort of obsessed with puppies. As a child, I always had a puppy as a pet. My first dog was a black and white mutt named Oreo. He was adorable. I have not owned a dog since I was a freshmen in high school. There was Cotton, Rocky, Lexus, and Grey. All dogs that I loved. All dogs that I missed when they were gone. I think that's why I haven't owned a dog since Rocky. He was hit by a car. His death was rough on my brother and I. But, in the last few years, my thoughts on dogs have changed again. I am really looking forward to having on again.

I absolutely love peekapoo's and toy maltipoo's. They are the cutest puppies I have ever seen. Both are a relatively new breed of dogs. Maltipoo's are a mix of maltese and poodles. While Peekapoo's are a pekingnese and poodle mix. Both stay relatively small in weight. They will get no bigger than 10 pounds and no taller than 15 inches tall. They do not shed much hair, which is a plus for a person with allergies like myself. They look like a lot of fun. Whenever I am in the mall, I am drawn to the pet store to see if they have any in stock. I love looking at them.

I know that in my next residence tat I will become a dog owner again. I simply canot wait. I already have a name picked out for my pet. I prefer a male puppy too. I don't know about training a puppy and housebreaking one. but, I am sure that I am up for the challenge. Sooner rather than later, I will be buying a puppy. These pictures are only a few that I found of these cute puppies. What kind of puppies do you guys like? Any dog owners out there who want to share their stories with me? Let's get into it!