Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Brandy "Scared of Beautiful"

I've already stated how much I like Brandy's "Two Eleven." I still haven't decided which track is my favorite. But, I decided that "Scared of Beautiful" had some of the best lyrics. I think we've all been here. It's fear, an emotion we all live with and fight through in our lives. The music is also really nice. It's just a great track. Listen and enjoy.

"Turn a lamp on, let me talk to you
See that light bulb, does something to you
Makes it a little harder to tell a lie, don’t it
Make it difficult to run and hide, don’t it
Tell the truth to me, good truth to me
Come close to me if that’s you
I want to see the detail inside those beautiful eyes
The lies

Myself ain't never talked to me like that before
And, I wonder what on earth is she searching for
No wonder why, there’s no mirrors on these walls no more
You can’t tell me why, you’re so terrified of beautiful

Scared of the good more than the evil
Scared of the light more than the dark
Scared of the truth so much more than the lie
I’m scared for me,
I’m scared of me
Scared of beautiful...

Turn the lamp down, don't me talk to you
That light bulb took something from me
Or gave something to me
I can't decide, I can't decide
It took freedom, gave purpose
Can't blend in, too perfect
All this beauty ever gave me was a
reason for some beautiful lies..."

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