Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "9 1/2 Weeks Later"

This is part 7 in an on-going series. The rest is available here:

1) "Unexpected Meeting"
2) "All Night Conversation"
3) "Breakfast Buddies"
4) "Past, Present, Future"
5) "About Last Night"
6) "Clarification & Coffee"

The next few weeks seem to fly by. Camille and Jakob were officially a couple. The days were filled with flirty texts, all night conversations that either took place on the phone or in person. They were smitten with one another. Everything was going right since the day they started over. Jakob watched Camille as she slept. He woke before her on this early Saturday morning. "She is so cute, even while sleeping. I am so grateful for her, for this." he thought silently. Camille smiles in her sleep and sinks deeper into the pillow. He caresses her face and pushes her hair out of her face. He couldn't help his self. He had to kiss her. It didn't wake her though. They had a late night. He didn't know why he was awake. He slid out of the bed quietly as to not disturb her. Walking into the kitchen, Jakob couldn't help but smile. Things were pretty great in his life. Work and personal. This was what he's always wanted: a woman to share all the good in life with. And, Camille came at a time when he wasn't looking. More than being a great girlfriend, she was his friend, his equal. They could talk about any and every thing and they did. Laughing was something that they often did.

He begin to fix breakfast. Well, his version of breakfast since he wasn't known for his culinary skills. Camille like bagels and strawberry cream cheese and fruit. That made making her breakfast truly easy. And, he was also easy for breakfast too. Brown sugar oatmeal and toast. That's what works for him. He was lucky. Camille was a culinary star. She was actually a caterer in her early 20's. The woman could cook a 5 star meal out of anything. And, she loved to do it. Cooking was now her hobby. She was adventurous in and out of the kitchen. She has been spoiling him with her cooking. He was loving it. So into his thoughts, he didn't hear Camille enter the kitchen. She wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed his back. "Good morning, Baby," she says. "Hey Sweetheart," he replies. She runs her nails across his chest to his stomach while talking to him. "Awww babe, you made my fave? Thanks," she says chuckling. She always jokes with him about his lack of cooking skills.

He takes it like a champ. "Hey, hey, hey, I slaved over this breakfast. She laughs even harder. "I know you did and I'm thankful for it and you." "Let's go eat." Jakob turns around to finally notice what Camille is wearing. She is in one of his white button down shirts, slightly open, completely unbuttoned and nothing else. His eyes roam her body finally reaching her face. She smiles slyly. She says "My breakfast is getting cold, you know." "It seems like someone has something other than breakfast on her mind...coming in here dressed like that." "Jak, let's be honest, I could be dressed in a snowsuit and you'd still want me." He laughed "You're definitely right." "We have all weekend for that. Feed me, Seymour!" she says in a playful tone. "If you want to successfully get through this breakfast, then you need to button up, woman." She buttons the shirt slowly and then sits in the breakfast nook.

The day finds them in the city's museum. Her favorite artist, Frida Kahlo, was being featured and she wanted to show Jak. He was there because she was so enthused about it. He didn't care much for Kahlo but he did for Cami. Walking hand in hand through the museum, both were having so much fun. "This is my favorite piece. It's called 'Two Fridas.' It's so deep and..." Jakob cuts Camille off with a kiss. She couldn't be mad. She wrapped her arms around this beautiful man's neck and kissed him right back. Neither cared that they were in a crowded public place on a Saturday afternoon. Neither of them heard a woman say "Ugh, they need to get a room." But, they wouldn't have cared any way. The two of them continued to kiss until someone coughed behind them. Jak whispers into her ear "I think someone is jealous." Cami laughs as her eyes find the disgruntled woman who was still talking about them. Cami says "Yeah, baby, I think we've definitely ruffled her feathers. You should see how mad she looks." Cami turns her head into Jakob's neck and kisses him. He finally turns around, grabs Camille's hands and begins to walk around the corner to the next display. "Look at her," Cami says. Jakob slowly turns his head and his eyes meet the eyes of a woman he hadn't thought about in months. It was Yasmine and she literally turned colors when she released the PDA man was Jakob.

If looks could kill, Camille and Jakob would no longer exist. Camille's arms were intertwined with Jakob's. She was sort of curled into him. Jakob's body naturally tightened when he saw Yas. Camille felt this and instantly looked up to him. "Jakob, what is it baby?" He looked at her and replied "That woman is my ex. The one who claimed to be my wife." Camille eyes go dark. She looked at Yasmine with venom. Clearly the feeling was mutual between the women. Camille says "Let's just go. She cannot ruin our day." Camille stared Yas down as they turned the corner. "I'm so sorry, Sweetheart. I thought she'd left down or that's what the email said." "Forget about it baby. She isn't an issue between us." Yas hears this as she walks up behind the happy couple. "Hello, Jakob. Can't speak?" The couple turns around. "Yasmine, I have nothing to say to you. Don't you see I'm with my lady. Good bye again." Camille has this smirk on her face that is clearly pissing Yas off. "Who her?" Yas asked. Camille responds "Yes, me. His woman." Jak interrupts "Keep cool, baby. You don't even have to do a thing. I said goodbye Yas." Yas starts talking loudly as the couple walks odd. She follows them out of the museum, still talking. Camille is getting angrier by the second. By the time they reached his car, she was over it. Jakob. opens Camille's door and walks around to his door. Neither of them ever acknowledged Yasmine. They drove off leaving Yasmine yelling to herself on the street. Jakob grabs Camille's hand and kisses it. "You ok?" he asks. She shakes her head yes. Jakob hopes she is as he drives them to their next destination.

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