Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Lianne La Havas "Don't Wake Me Up"

I am anew fan of Lianne La Havas. She Her debut "Is Your Love Big Enough?" was released in August. There isn't one song on it that I do not like. Her voice is golden. She has a R&B and Jazz feel to her. It's soothing. It was hard for me to chose just one song off of her cd for this post. I love them all. I relate to this song because I have the most vivid dreams and sometimes I hate waking up because the are so good. My dreams are always so real to me. This song makes me think about the best dreams I've ever had. Take a listen and enjoy it. Lianne is a great new artist. She is definitely one to watch.

"Don't wake me up
Trying to find you
Oh, as I walk through
You're hiding in the corners of my mind
Never fear, I'll be close behind
My only love, I follow behind you
Won't go without you
I know your love weighs heavy on my heart
But you are my only counterpart

Will I know
Why I lost control
Of my heart and soul
'Cause I know you,
I can't reach through
(Oo aah)

I made mistakes but they're safely behind me
Now I can run free
The only true love I have ever known
Into yours my life has been thrown
Still early days so
It's just the beginning
Sing when you're willing
They say somethings are better left unsaid
But I'd take my life to stay in your bed."

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