Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#30in30: The Art of Storytelling: "Unexpected Meeting"

(This is a free-writing experiment. I haven't written a short story in a while. I am going to start this and see where these characters take me. Fingers crossed and prayers sent up for this one. Thanks, in advance, for reading. Hope you enjoy. Comment and let me know! -K)

Camille observed the patrons in the coffeehouse. This was her hobby. She was a people watcher. Had been since she was a little girl. She loved to make up stories about the people around her. Even before she knew it, she was a writer. This hobby had turned into a financially beneficial life for her. Today, she had a block. So, she came to observe and get inspired as she drank her Chai tea. She had a feeling that inspiration would walk through the door at any moment. All she had to do was wait for it. She was doing a free write exercise on the word jolly when he walked in.

Camille raised her head and they caught eyes. His very the color of chocolate and deep as the sea. Hers the color of warm honey and they held a mystery inside. Camille thought he was gorgeous, tall and the exact shade of brown that she was drawn to. He was staring right back at her. He caught on to the fact that neither of them averted their glances. He liked what he saw as well. He was instantly intrigued by the brown lady with the great eyes. She looked comfortable in skinny jeans and tank top and sandals. "Hello Handsome," she thought. Camille smiled at him and went back to her writing. He was still watching her. She could tell. But, she couldn't look up again. She was sure that her face would reveal that she as attracted to him. So, the shy woman decided to play it coyly.

Jakob walked up to her table. "Excuse me," he said. Camille slowly raised her head, smiled and replied "Yes?" He said "I don't mean to interrupt your work. But I couldn't leave here without telling the beautiful woman hello." His smile was radiant. It lit up his whole face and made his eyes dance. Camille liked his face. She blushed at his compliment. "Thank you. I'm Camille Ducre," she says while sticking out her hand. Their hands met as he introduces himself as Jakob Nicholas.

"Can I sit?" he inquired. Camille did not want the conversation to end so she said "Sure." He sat. And, for what seemed like mere minutes, they talked about everything from sports to politics. In actuality, 3 hours had passed. Their drinks were refreshed frequently. They shared a huge blueberry muffin. "I cannot believe how interesting Camille is," Jakob thought. "So, what else do you like, my basketball watching, politics following, spoken word performing artist?" Jake asked with a smile. Camille replied while laughing, "Well, that's about it. I like a little bit of everything. I love to read and I'm adventurous. But, enough about me, tell me more about you, Mr. Nicholas?" "You already know I am a huge sports fan. I love the water. Any time I can spend in it makes me happy. My biggest hobby is that I restore old cars. That makes me happy," he said.

The sun was setting outside. This made both Jakob and Camille realize how late it had become. Neither truly wanted to leave. They were enjoying each other's company. Jakob reached for Camille's hand. He looked her dead in the eye and said, "I have had the best afternoon with you. I'd like to continue this. How about dinner some time?" Camille smiled while saying yes. She asked him for his phone and put her number in. She rose to leave. He did as well. They walked out of PJ's Coffeehouse together. He walked her to her car, opened the door for her and kissed her on her cheek. Jakob said, "I'm going to call to make sure you make it home, Camille." "Oh, I know," she replied. Camille gets into her car smiling inside and out. Jakob watches her as she drives away. Both feeling like the other is definitely someone special.


  1. ...I'm in! Very good start, excited for what is next.

    1. Thanks!!! I'm excited about Camille and Jakob. I have to write more asap.