Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reality TV Trash

Let's be frank. There is a lot of crap on television. Most of it falls under the umbrella of reality tv. I think I've just witnessed the most ridiculously grotesque thing ever on VH1. I happened to catch the show "Couples Therapy." The premise of the show is cool. Couples in turmoil live in a house together and go through therapy. And, it's all filmed. The couples are all famous or infamous. They range from singers to actors to reality tv stars. Some are more known than others. Some are more interesting than others. This is not a show I've watched before. I had to Google past seasons to find out who was on this show before.

This season there is a couple that is bordering on illegal. His name is Doug & he's currently 52 years old. His wife is 17 year old Courtney. (these were their ages during filming.) He married her with her parents consent when she was 16. This is just gross. In the show, he says that "she is my child. I'm raising my wife." No sir. That statement alone sounds like a pedophile. She dresses like a stripper right down to the 6 inch lucite heels. From the long hair, breast implants to the caked on makeup and barely there attire, Courtney is a walking, talking blow up doll. Her persona is sex kitten on x. She is hyper-sexualized and extremely immature. Due to child labor laws, she can only film 6 hours a day & couldn't stay overnight in the house.

I believe that this couple was only invited on the show for controversy. Googling their names turns up nothing but negative articles. No one believes this marriage. Everyone thinks its immoral and should be illegal. Other couples in the house do not want to be in the same room with them. On the first night, Doug is called a child molester because of the huge age gap. Courtney also tells the group that her Mom & her husband are the same age while her husband is older than her Dad. That speaks volumes. I cannot even wrap my mind around this situation. I cannot watch the show because I don't agree with this nonsense. So, I will not be tuning in again. I can't. What about you guys?


  1. It's funny that you mention this because I couldn't make it through the first show for this very reason. While I wasn't a faithful viewer of the first season I liked watching the work that was happening with DMX and his partner/ lady (I call her that because she's not his wife). When I saw that this couple was on however and learned her age I decided enough was enough and TV was taking things too far - 'can't get into that! AND LOLOL at your comment which actually is not funny but quite sad: "Due to child labor laws, she can only film 6 hours a day & couldn't stay overnight in the house." I don't know how this is legal. But then again, we live in America...?

    1. MB - This "couple" is disgusting. There is no other way to describe them. I was never into this show. And, after this episode, I know I could never watch and condone such foolishness. Ugh.