Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "Breakfast Buddies"

This is part 3 in an on-going series. The rest is available here:

1) "Unexpected Meeting"
2) "All Night Conversation"

"There he is. He's even cute when sleep deprived," Camille thought as she smiled at Jakob. "Good morning, Cami," he said while reaching in for a hug. "Good morning, Jak," she replied. "She feels so good in my arms and she smells like vanilla" Jak thought. His stomach rumbled & they both laughed.

"Well hopefully you're as hungry as I am." Camille was still laughing but shook her head to agree. They sat & began small talk. He caresses her hand & takes into his while talking. She feels the butterflies at that moment. The waiter came to take their orders. "I want a caramel brĂșlee latte, the breakfast special with scrambled eggs. Oh and no butter on my pancakes please." Camille explained to the waiter. Jak was watching her the whole time. He completed his order all while still holding her hand.

Breakfast was a hit for the two of them. Neither could believe that they had so much in common. Plans were made for the next week before leaving breakfast. Camille yawned & covered her mouth. "Ooh excuse me. I think this no sleeping thing is catching up to me." She said. "I know what you mean. Get some rest. We'll talk later," Jak said. A hug ended the breakfast date. It was a good hug. The kind that you feel long after it was over. They both did. She kissed his smooth brown cheek. "Super soft lips," he thought. "He smells intoxicating," she thought. "We'll talk later tonight ok? Jak questioned. "Oh we will. Bye, Jak." "Bye Cami."

Camille thought about him all the way home. "His voice was like silk. The way he said my name made my stomach flutter. His voice was nice, not too light, not too heavy. He had the cutest, most infectious laugh. Oh God. I was a smitten kitten. Already. In less than 24 hours. This is too much, too fast." she pondered as she drifted off to sleep as soon as her head hot the pillow.

Across town, she was in the thoughts of Jakob. He could not help smiling about the last day of his life. "I def wasn't looking for anyone, especially after the last time. But, Cami is special. I can tell already. She's sweet. Can't wait to get to know her better. Hell, I can't wait to hear her voice again." he thought.

As he was going to sleep, his doorbell chimed loudly. Consistently. Annoyed, he jumped up to go answer it. "Who the hell is at my door so early? And why are they laying on the doorbell?" Snatching the door open, he came face to face with Yasmine, his on-again, off-again ex. The same woman he hadn't seen in almost 7 months. "Hola PapĂ­, miss me?" she questioned as she leans in for a kiss. He wanted to fight her but he's never been good at that. His body betrays him. He kisses her back as his hands roam the body he knows so well....

To be continued....

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