Friday, October 19, 2012

Politics Are Not Pleasing To Me Right Now

This campaign for the Presidency has been ugly. Really ugly. It seems more brutal than the 08 election. I cannot stomach anymore GOP mudslinging and grossness. IT has become to much to bare. I am so glad that election day (November 6th) is right around the corner. I am hopeful and prayerful that our President will win his bid for re-election. That way, I won't ever have to hear the name Mitt Romney (what kind dumb name is that anyway?) again. I am a politics buff. Usually love it but I am sick of it. I will be voting early. I am still very convicted about my beliefs. I know what I know and like what I like. President Obama has my vote again this year just like he did in 08. I could not make myself vote for the likes of Romney. First and foremost, I am a woman and Romney, by his policies and platform, has no use for me. He wants to take women back to 1950's. Per his response to the women equal pay answer, "he wants women off from work so that they can go home and cook dinner." Let's not forget his lie about the "binder of women." It's bad enough that he opposed the Ledbetter Act, he clearly is out of touch with working average American women. He does not see it for me nor do I for him. He will not have my vote. There are a few other things that have been quietly pissing me off during this cycle.

- The lack of respect shown to the man who holds the highest office in the land by people who know better. From Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornell West to Mitt Romney and other GOP members. I'm disgusted about all of it. I don't ever remember the disrespect being so blatant and apparent for any other President. They should all be ashamed.

- The way in which the media has portrayed our First Lady in a negative light. There was the French magazine cover that depicted her as a naked slave, the email from a Congressmen calling her a monkey. All very racist and sickening.

- The fact that someone shoot at a Obama Denver Headquarters. Is this the world we live in?

- Yesterday, there was a bomb threat called into Malia and Sasha's school. So, now we are dragging the kids into this hatred. How low are these people? As much as I like the First Family, I am beyond sorry that they've had to deal with the ignorance and hatred that Americans clear have. It's sad that it is 2012 and this is still a huge issue.

- Taggart (again what kind dumb name is that?) Romney said after the second debate that he wanted to "run down to the debate floor and take a swing at the President." o_O This is the answer from a grown man who's father wants to be the President. How stupid are you? Even if that's the way you truly feel, his father has been in politics long enough for him to know what is or isn't politically correct. His answer while it may have been truthful was less than smart. I am slightly appalled at this. That does not seem like a first family I want.

- Faux News has been twisting and fabricating stories about the President since at least 2007. That channel is so filled with hate and fear. It amazes me that people actually watch this trash and believe it. That makes me sad about the world I live in, about the world I want to bring children into.

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