Sunday, November 30, 2014

Do Not Come For The Obama Girls

Sasha and Malia Obama are the epitome of class at all times. They have been since their Dad was first elected to office in 2008. It is easy to tell that the First Daughters have been raised correctly by two involved and caring parents. They have been thrust onto the national stage since President Obama began his run for presidency. The fact that the First Family is Black has made me especially happy for the last 6 years. I, like most Black people, feel protective over the girls. We've watched them grow and mature into beautiful teenagers. So, imagine my utter disgust when  a woman by the name of Elizabeth Lauten posted the most disrespectful and crude rant on her Facebook page Thanksgiving day. It is also pertinent to acknowledge that Lauten is the Communications Director for Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher, who by the way is a Republican. Lauten's Twitter handle is @dcgopgirl. Her post reads:

Dear Sasha and Malia, 
I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department. Nevertheless, stretch yourself. Rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised public events.
My immediate reaction to this ridiculousness was one of disbelief. Children are off-limits. So, taking swipes at them are things that low-brow,  uncouth, ignorant people do. Elizabeth Lauten, I am talking directly to you. People on Twitter and Tumblr are calling for her to be fired and she should be. I'm not even posting her non "apology."  The one it took her hours to post. The one she claimed came about after prayer and discussions with her parents and not because she knew she was wrong. None of us accept that faux-pology. She never even mentioned Sasha and Malia's name. Lauten does not come across as apologetic instead it seems her faux-pology was issued after her post went viral. I do not know why people seem to forget that this is 2014 and the era of social media. Once Lauten hit enter on the egregious Facebook post, it went viral. And, the backlash was swift and negative. It became a trending topic on Twitter under the hashtag #ElizabethLauten and #FireElizabethLauten. I hope the President makes a statement on this issue. One should incur the wrath of the President and First Lady for disrespecting their girls and their parenting skills. To those of you who truly believe we live in a post-racial America, I have a bridge to sell you. This entire thing reeks of racism, classism, and ignorance which to me, is basically all the Republican party stands for. This was uncalled for and heads should roll behind it. I guess Elizabeth Lauten learned that one simply does not come for the Obama girls without getting a severe and quick backlash. Which is the way it should be. 

ETA: Elizabeth Lauten is being asked to resign. Karma always wins. You can read about it here.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Tamar Braxton/Future "Let Me Know"

This song had been stuck in my head for the last two days. I love it. It's Tamar Braxton's first single off of her upcoming second cd. The song is "Let Me Know" featuring Future. Something about it always draws me back to it. The beat is dope and I like the lyrics. Get into the video above and the lyrics below. 

"Do you feel it in your heart?
Do you feel, do you feel it?
Do you feel it? Like I feel
Do you feel it in your soul?
Do you feel, do you feel it?
Do you feel it? Like I feel
When you know when it's right
Do you feel it?
You don't let go
Do you feel it? Do you feel it?
You don't let go
Do you feel it? Like I feel

We've been through so many things
Ups and downs and in between
If you need more love from me
I'll give you more, just let me know

It's like a loving when you run and go tell somebody
Same loving put you through hell sometimes
You don't give it up to nobody
When you love somebody
When you love somebody

Do you love the way I do
When I'm loving your body (let me know)
Hey, do you love the way I do
When I'm loving your body (let me know)
Hey, do you love the way I do
When I'm loving your body (let me know)
When I'm loving your body (let me know)
Love, loving your body (let me know)"

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Out on Black Friday

In the aftermath of Mike Brown's killer walking free, there has been a call to arms sent out. Today is Black Friday, the best shopping day of the year and the start of Christmas shopping. To show solidarity to the Brown family, it's been asked that Black Americans NOT shop today. Boycott all the sales. Use our buying power to make a point. That point is simple: Black lives matter. Protests have popped up all over the U.S. After Brown's killer was not even indicted over his murder. People are understandably upset. People want justice. We want to know that the murderers are held accountable for their actions. We deserve justice. So, today, boycott, let the powers that be know that we are mad as hell and aren't gonna take it anymore. We need to effect change in this country. I am tired of young Black people being slaughtered in the streets and no one caring. Let's do this, people. #JusticeForMikeBrown today!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!

It's that time of year again. Happy Thanksgiving!! I cannot wait to see my family, eat all the good food and maybe have a drink or two. I am most thankful for growth this year. I have been able to see my emotional growth this year. I am better than I was last year. I am thankful for family and friends. Thankful that they get me and understood my intense need for space these last two years. I am thankful for life, for waking up this morning. Thankful that I am still here and have the chance to get things right. I am thankful for clarity. Today, I am most thankful for love. A year ago, I would not have said that. But, love is still a beautiful thing. I have no issue seeing it but I'm not actively seeking it out. I am thankful for the possibility of all that will come next in my life. I am thankful for the ability to visit memory lane but not get stuck there. I am thankful for the ability to write about it all. Today will be an amazing day because I said so. Happy Turkey Day, people!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rant: And Justice For All?

Way back when I was in high school, my homeroom teacher wrote me up on a referral for refusal to stand and say the pledge. I did not believe in the words in the pledge. I could not willingly say "...and justice for all" and mean it. I was about 14 and I knew those words were a lie. They did not extend to me or my people. It is 20 years later and I still feel the same way. As a matter of fact, I am even more sure that those words do not include Black people. How could I? I am alive and conscious and intelligent so I know the truth. After watching Trayvon Martin's killer walk and Michael Brown's killer avoid even an indictment, I am so over it. Malcolm X once said "I'm black first, not interested in being American because America has never been interested in me." This quote speaks to me on such a deep level right now. 

That day in my homeroom class, I took a stance. I decided that I wasn't going to say words I did not believe anymore. My teacher made me stand in the hall when the pledge was being said as a punishment. I did not see it that way. I felt it was a victory. By the end of that week, my entire class was in the hallway with me. I remember that she wrote "Kenda knows that she is a leader and that people will follow her. She needs to use that power in a better way." Those words have always stuck with me. I loved that she had such a high opinion of me and that she saw something in me. I believed, then and now, that I was using my power in the correct way. I have never said the pledge since then and I never will. Because I no longer believe. I'm just so tired of seeing Black mothers on tv crying over their slain children. Tired of Black bodies dead in the streets. Tired of white people not seeing past color into the humanity of a person. Just tired. Every day, the world shows us that we as Black people are all we have. It's us versus everybody and that is why I am beyond tired. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm Sorry, Michael Brown

No indictment for Darren Wilson. That's what the Ferguson Grand Jury decided after 109 days after Michael Brown was shot down in broad daylight by an overzealous cop. And, now his killer will not even face charges or a trial. This is what justice looks like in the so-called "Post-racial" America. I knew there would be no justice for Michael Brown, but I’m still hurt. I’m so upset I’m shaking. They really don’t care about us. Our lives aren’t safe. We aren’t the ones protected. Over 100 days to tell the world that Mike Brown deserved to die. Over 100 days to stand up and lie on television. I don’t want the people to riot but we’ve been peaceful far too long. We were peaceful when they let Trayvon’s killer walk. This isn’t just nor is it justice. Our skin doesn’t make us criminals or guilty. I’m so upset. I’m so sorry, Mike Brown, that the same people we pay and elect to serve us took your life and showed no remorse. Where is the justice in this? 


Black people are fed up. We are angry as hell. It's as if the police have declared that it is open season on Black people. This is not right. I am beyond tired of tweeting "RIP _________" or "#JusticeFor____." When will enough be enough? I'm tired of asking the same questions, tired of feeling this heaviness every single time another Black person's life being struck down by a white person. It's taken me all day to get my thoughts somewhat together on this issue to write. Mainly because I cannot believe the powers that be. There is still an ongoing federal investigation into Darren Wilson. Also, Brown's parents can (and should) file a civil lawsuit against Wilson. Especially since he "earned" almost $500,000 via a GoFundMe account. He killed their kid, got a paid vacation for 110 days and made money via donations. This killer needs to pay what he owes. I would prefer him to be left penniless and destitute and in jail. May God hear my prayers. I am so sorry, Michael Brown. I hope you are resting in peace. 

"A black ribbon is a symbol of remembrance and mourning. Used also as a political statement. And in this case, a Black ribbon to also represent racial hate crime." Black ribbon for Michael Brown.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Movie Review: "Maleficent"

I know, I know, I am super late watching "Maleficent." But, truth be told, I wasn't that keen on seeing it. I am not a big fan of Angelina Jolie and I never have been. I've liked a few of her movies, mainly "Salt," Wanted," and "Taking Lives." I also had no clue what "Maleficent" was or about. So, when it came out, I overlooked it. I heard so many great reviews of it that I decided I had to see it.I also read up on the movie. "Maleficent" is actually a different point of view about "Sleeping Beauty." I never heard of the greatest villain knows as Maleficent. I was more than intrigued by this movie. I saw that it would be available via On Demand on November 4th. I spent some time Saturday afternoon watching it. My conclusion is that it is amazing!! I loved it. Angelina was perfect as the villain. Elle Fanning was charming as the princess. Great movie all around. 

I love the cinematography and the acting. It was, to me, A Disney movie reimagined for adults. Most of the movie is really dark in lighting on purpose. I do not see this as a movie for children. I felt so bad for Maleficent during most of this movie. I am always conflicted when I feel for the villain in a movie. But, it just goes to show that the bad guys aren't always inherently bad. And, that we all possess the ability to be good as well as bad. My favorite part of the movie were the final scenes. I enjoyed the fact that the movie did not end the way I thought it would. I love the unexpected when it comes to movies. If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you check it out. It's that good. Get into it: "Maleficent" starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Poetry Corner XVI: "I Told God"

I was reading my Bible this morning
Romans 8:18-27 and I came across something.
There it was in my signature purple ink
my name alongside yours written across the edge of the page.
I write on everything and this isn't the first time 
I’ve found your name in my books
But, this was different, it was in my Bible.
next to the words of God.
I loved you so much I told God about you
I prayed for you.
I wrote down my feelings about you.
Seeing your name in this sacred place haunts me.
Because how could I be so wrong about a love that felt so right?
I put your name in my Bible along with my thoughts, hopes, & dreams.
Because I thought we were meant to be, supposed to last, that forever kind of love.
We did not and now we are past tense.
Now, I'm sitting here cutting your name of this page
Because it no longer feels like home.
It no longer belongs to me.
I still pray for you.
That’s how I know it was real.
                                    -- Kenda

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Music

You guys know I LOVE music. And, there has been a lot of it released in the last few weeks. So, I decided to share some of my faves. All of these songs are off of projects that I am really enjoying. Get into this new music!

Danity Kane "Tell Me"

Kiesza "Piano"

Remy Ma "Always"

Jagged Edge "Love Come Down"

K. Michelle "Maybe I Should Call"

Jessie J "Masterpiece"

Fifth Harmony "Bo$$"

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Know You Care

"That Beyonce' reign just won't let up." Last weekend, it was all about Solange and those gorgeous wedding photos. This weekend, Beyonce' decided to break the internet herself. She did so in the form of a very cutesy video. Her new single is "7/11" and it's on the Platinum edition of "Beyonce'." It comes out next week. Now, truthfully, I have NO clue what the song is about. The lyrics are all over the place. I know it will get me hype if I'm getting ready to go out because it has that kind of feel. But, the beat is dope and feels very much like H-town. What won me over was this video. It looks like it was shot on an iPhone 6s and it is e-very-thing!!! I love how it shows Beyonce' being a carefree Black girl. I am here for it. Get into it below and enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Black and Natural

Love is indeed the new Black. It is the thing none of us can get enough of. ("Everybody wanna know what my Achilles' heel is. Love I don't get enough of it." -- Shawn Corey CarterLast Sunday, Solange Knowles got married and pictures were released via Vogue. Those wedding pictures literally shut everything down. It was the only topic of discussion on Twitter that night. The Knowles-Ferguson wedding did indeed #BreakTheInternet. The pictures were breathtakingly beautiful. What I loved the most was Solange's natural hair in her signature afro for her wedding. As a woman who has been natural for over 3 years now, I am totally biased on this subject. I LOVED it. Solange has been a carefree Black girl for years. She does things her way with no apologies. And, that is a sentiment I can get behind. This is actually the second wedding in the last few weeks were the bride's were natural. The other was Demetria Lucas (aka A Belle in Brooklyn). I loved her look for her wedding as well. I never put much thought into wedding day hair. But, I love this trend. I love seeing women being unapologetically themselves, especially on what is dubbed as one of the most important days in one's life.

What I find deplorable is the backlash on social media. I am so glad that I do not follow any of these idiots who thought Solange's hair was ugly or nappy or looked bad. It did not take me long to find the clusters of idiot who had that frame of mind. This was a woman who married her love. It was her wedding day and she did it her way. She, also, slayed effortlessly in every single photo I saw. The sad part is those negative thoughts came from other Black people, mainly Black women. I'm sad to say I wasn't even shocked. The hair that grows naturally out of your head is not bad or wrong or ugly. It's God's work. I was offended on so many levels. This article was written by a Black woman. Why is natural hair such a taboo topic? Why do you care how a woman wears her hair? Her hair, her day, her choice. And, I , for one, am a fan.  Natural hair is not a movement, it's a way of life. Go ahead and accept it. Get into it. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Complete Fail!!

I already knew that the Lifetime "biopic" "Aaliyah the Princess of R&B" was going to be trash. I knew it when her family objected. I knew it when the original actress Zendaya Coleman dropped out. And, I especially knew it when Wendy Williams was brought in as a producer.  I knew it when Aaliyah's music wasn't allowed to be used. I actually had no intention of watching it. But, I was with friends who insisted on watching the travesty. So, I joined in. Lo and behold, it was even worse than I imagined. It was awful. There wasn't one redeeming quality about the biopic. I wish I could say something nice about it. But there isn't anything to say. The casting was like picking the most random people. The actors hired to play Missy Elliott, R. Kelly, Timbaland, Dame Dash looked nothing like the real people. The also did not speak or act like them. Aside from skin tone, Alexandra Shipp had nothing in common with Aaliyah either. She did not speak, dance, sing, or walk like Aaliyah. The only thing she had sorta right was the hair and it wasn't Aaliyah-esque. This was just a mess from beginning to end. Everyone involved should be ashamed. 

The casting was terrible as was the acting. But, what was the absolute worst was the fact that Lifetime, the producers, and the writers spent an hour of a two hour movie romanticizing the "relationship" between R. Kelly and Aaliyah. I am still disgusted by it. Let us not forget that Aaliyah was a child (15) when she was working with R. Kelly. Everything about that situation was the work of a pedophile.  Everything from the naming of her debut cd "Age Ain't Nuttin But A Number" to him being in the background of the cd cover just feels gross in hindsight. At the time, none of us really knew what was going on. Someone tweeting from the Lifetime Twitter account found nothing wrong with it. The ridiculous tweets are below. The movie was universally panned via Twitter. No one on my timeline liked it. The reviews were just as bad.  No one liked it. The ratings were high because we all watched it. But, reading the tweets about the #AaliyahMovie has all the shade you can handle. Also, #LifetimeBeLike & #LifetimeBiopic  are golden trending topics this weekend. If you did not see it, do yourself a favor and avoid it. I'm still mad I watched. This biopic was a complete and total fail.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Talk About: Influenster

Who doesn't love free things?? This is what drew me to InfluensterI have a decent online presence You can find me here on my blog, on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest amongst other social sites. I am a social person. And, now I've found a way to be rewarded for this. Ironically, I discovered the site via Twitter a few years ago. I was intrigued by the name, Influenster. So, I had to check it out. I was blown away by the simplicity of it. The way I could use what I was already doing via social media to my advantage. I love getting free things. I mean, who doesn't? 

What Is Influenster? -- Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products.

It is so easy to become an Influenster. Once you sign up, you are eligible to qualify for a Vox Box. You are sent surveys to determine which box would work for you. Once you've been chosen, an email is sent to you. A few days later, a Vox Box appears at your door. You have to check in via the site. Then, dive right into your Vox Box. From there, you have to take the time to use the products. Your reviews are necessary. Influenster wants you to talk about it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest). Influenster wants your honest opinions and reviews on all the products. There hasn't been one Vox Box that I haven't totally loved. There are products that I have solely purchased because I received them in a Vox Box. 

 I went to the site to check it out. I read the About section to answer all of my questions. Anything that involves me getting free things works for me. I joined and received my first Vox Box on Christmas Eve a few years ago. I am loving all of the goodies that were inside. Since then, I have received numerous Vox Boxes as well as prize boxes. My favorite Vox Box was the Sugar and Spice one. One of my favorite Vox Box prizes has been the Mega Vox Box. It was full of so many goodies that I still  use. I've reviewed them all before here on my blog.  I love how this program always introduces me to new products that I need in my life.  I cannot wait to see what is in the next Vox Box. Request an Influenster invite today. Influenster is a great program that you all should get into it. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Slayage

Solange Knowles married Alan Ferguson in a ceremony yesterday in the Marigny district of New Orleans. It was an all white affair. I'm not big on weddings anymore and I have never been big on color themed parties. None of that matter when the pictures of Solange's wedding hit the Internet. Every photo was more epic than the previous one. I LOVE to see Black people in all white. We look so regal in it. The photos from the wedding are amazing. I love how unconventional all of it appears. Every photo screams Black Excellence. And, how can one not love Black Love?!? It is everything! There are some exclusive photos on Vogue's website. Congratulations to the happy couple!!