Monday, October 15, 2012

Rushing Through Randomly

° Today is 10-11-12! It's cute because it's numerical. Maybe today will include some mystical, magical things. Be good today!

° The NFL ref's are back!!!!!! I couldn't be happier!!!

°Speaking on sports, I am still NOT happy that Ray "Jesus Shuttlesworth" Allen sold out my squad (the BOSTON CELTICS in case you forgot) for the Miami Heat. Ugh!

° Also sports related, my Saints are doing horrible this season so far. I'm still a fan but this 0-4 start is not what I was looking forward to all summer. My boys need to get it together.

° Since I am a "Scandal" fan, I am quite pleased that they answered the burning "Who is Quinn?" question during the season premiere. Cannot wait to see what this season holds.

° Fall like weather would be greatly appreciated by me. A cool breeze would be lovely.

° In what world is it ok or appropriate for Ke$ha to be on the cover of Vibe magazine dubbed as a rapper?? It's inaccurate and wrong. She's a lousy "singer" because she talk-sings over a track. And, she does it badly. I guess that's all it takes to get a cover of a magazine. Sorry, Vibe, I'm passing on this month's offering.

° It's October and that means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a cause near and dear to my heart. Donate. And, ladies test yourselves and get mammograms. Early detection is always a great thing. I will wear PINK until there is a cure. You should too.

° I hate to be wrong and I hate to feel like I let people down. It's just about the worst feeling ever. I try to avoid it at all costs.

° I need something new and different to read. I think I've finally processed all the info from the "Left Behind" series. So, it's finally time to move on.

° I've been reading about juicing and oil pulling. Both are things that pique my interests.

° The first debate was trash. I need better from my President & less of Romney's ramblings.

° Healthy discussions are great. Even if they hurt, they help. Sometimes just saying what's on your heart can clear up what's bothering your mind.

° I really want to live in a city that has actual seasons so I can watch the color of the leaves change, rake them up in a pile and play in them like a kid. That may seem childish but I've never experienced that simple act.

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