Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink!" - Mean Girls

It's October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I've been a champion of this cause for at least a decade. It has effected my family in major and minor words. I've written about the cause before here and here. There are two great organizations that are fighting the good fight. They are Save The TaTas and Susan G. Komen. Both are worthy foundations. If you can, donate to both or either. Every little bit helps. It is up to us to find the cure. This is a cause that I will always stand behind. Wear pink to show your support. One of the funniest slogans I've ever seen for this cause is "Save a life, Grope your wife!!" That's hilarious to me. We should all be aware of this cause all year round. But, in October, it's more visible. Give yourself breast exams monthly. Make sure that all is well with you and your breasts. And, it's Wednesday, go ahead and wear pink for the cure!

"I have been giving myself breast exams since I was about 14. The disease has ravaged my family. The women in my family have mostly survived. At the age of 24, I found what I though was a mass in my right breast. I was beyond scared. I was also experiencing these sharp shooting pains in my breast. My doctor examined me and thought that it was only mass tissue. He sent me in for my first mammogram to make sure. It was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was so glad that my Mom was with me. I have never prayed so much in my life. I, of course, thought of all the ways it could go wrong for me. I was only 24. I was too young. It hurt like hell and I think it is a horrible experience. I received my results that day. I was fine. there was nothing there. I was so relieved. I thanked God right there in the waiting room. Cancer scares me more than anything." - Kenda

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