Monday, September 03, 2012

The Art of Storytelling: "All Night Conversation"

This is part 2 in an on-going series. The first part is available here:

1) "Unexpected Meeting"

Jakob watched Camille drive away. The smile on his face appeared to be plastered on. He couldn't shake it. "She is so cool and funny," he thought. He laughed out loud to himself. "Who knew that a trip to the coffeehouse would turn into an all day conversation with her?" he was thinking. Jakob walked back to his car grinning. That same smile carried him all the way to his downtown condo. He actually could not wait to call Camille. But, he didn't want to seem to pressed. So, he cooked dinner and took a shower. The minutes felt like hours to Jakob. He was yearning to hear her voice again. To hear that laugh again. To hear her simply say his name again. He knew he was feeling her too much but he couldn't help it.

At the same time, Camille's thoughts were on Jakob as well. India Aire's "Beautiful Surprise" was blaring from the speakers and she was happily singing along. "It's like yesterday, I didn't even know your name..." Camille had not met a man who genuinely made her smile in a while. She was in a great mood. Arriving at her house, she paused outside on her porch to enjoy the nice night. Her thoughts were all centered on the nice guy Jakob. she wasn't one of those ladies who jumped into anything quickly. But, she had to admit to herself that she liked him. A lot. Getting up to enter her house, she smiled again. Inside, she ate a quick dinner. Pouring a glass of Pinot Grigio, she set out to finish her piece for the magazine. She couldn't concentrate. Jakob had invaded her thoughts. "I wonder when he will call" she pondered. "Or maybe I should call him? or text?" She went back and forth in her mind for a few minutes. She finally concluded that her article wasn't going to write itself.

An hour later, Camille was fine tuning her article when her cell rang. Her heart leaped. She silently prayed that it was Jakob. She picked it up and his name was on her screen. "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" she silently counted to calm herself down. "Hello," she says. The conversation was going the same way it went at the coffeehouse. Jakob telling Camille about his high school ball player days. The stories made her laugh. She told him about her cheer leading past and how much she enjoyed doing it. Their upbringings were similar. Single parent home, multiple siblings and they were both the oldest. The clock read 5:17 am. "We've talked the night away. I haven't done this in years, Jakob," Camille exclaimed. He agreed "Neither have I. But, when you're having a great conversation, who notices the time?" She said "Yeah I know." Tell me more about your family."

Jakob talked about his Mom, sisters and brother with so much love in his voice. "They are my everything. I could not be who I am without them. My sisters think that they are my Mom as well. My brother is my best friend. We're only 11 months apart. He's been my shadow all his life. And, I wouldn't have it any other way." "I can tell how proud you are of them. I hear it in your voice," Camille replied. The sun was rising. Neither of them wanted this call to end. This was evident as the conversation never lulled. Camille did something out of the ordinary. She asked, "Do you want to go grab breakfast with me?" "I'd love that," was Jakob's response. They decided to met at Anita's which was located halfway between their homes in 30 minutes. "I will see you soon, Camille," Jakob said. "Bye, Jakob," Camille said. "Breakfast will be interesting, especially since neither of us has slept," Camille thought as she proceeded to get dressed. She was out the door in 17 minutes flat. She did not want to be late. She did not beat Jakob though. He was waiting for her.

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