Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Poetry Corner IX: "In Places I Can't Reach"

I gave you my heart
You promised to hold it with care
But then our wires got crossed
Communication broke down

Then you fumbled
Were careless with my love
I am now broken in places
I can't reach
Splintered in the corners of my soul
Your love was supposed to be it

I don't know how to pick myself up and go on
Don't know how to exist in a world
where you are not
I have so many questions
And no answers

I'm left here
Still so in love with you
I'm emotionally a mess
Angry one moment
Hurt the next
And through it all

I always feel
Stupid for believing that I could have it all
That I could grab my dream
That you would be in love with me forever
That I would be your wife, bear your kids

All that's left are all these tears
And the broken splintered pieces of my heart.
How do I fix what I can't see
Places I can't reach
I wish I knew how

So for now
I'll just sit & cry
While praying for my
own personal peace.

Copyright 2013 KatchKenda

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