Saturday, January 12, 2013

Classic Music: TLC "CrazySexyCool"

TLC will always be one of favorite girl groups ever. When they came out, they were young, different and had a vibe of their own. My cousins (Ty & Reese) and I were all about TLC. We were them for Halloween one year. I was Chili! Their debut release was played non-stop in my room. I knew every word to every song. I didn't think that they could top it. I was wrong. Their sophomore release "CrazySexyCool" exceeded any and all expectations I had of this group that I loved. This cd spawned 4 top 5 hit singles. The cd has been certified diamond in sales. Going diamond is virtual unheard of. Diamond means an album has surpassed 10 million in sales. TLC is the only girl group to do this. "CrazySexyCool" has sold, to date, over 23 million copies worldwide. The cd won two Grammys. Everything about this project was special.

The women in TLC were sexier and edgier in their look, lyrics and sound this time around. There was something about the music that just pulled you in. Every single was a hit. "Creep" was the first single. Followed by "Red Light Special." Both songs were massive hits. The videos def showed the sexier, more adult side of T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili. But, neither of those songs would do what the third single did. "Waterfalls" was an instant hit, blazing to the number one spot. It was the biggest song of 1995. The video was amazing and visually appealing. I think they will forever be known for this song by everyone. This cd made people really notice TLC. This cd solidified their spot in musical history. What makes this project classic to me is the music still stands almost 20 years later. And, as always, the best songs weren't always the singles. Check out my favorites tracks below. Enjoy!

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