Thursday, January 03, 2013

It's My Hair: 15 Month Check-In

My natural hair journey is in its 15th month. Wow!! I'm so very excited to still be here...sticking to it. I started here, wondering, contemplating even taking the jump. It took me almost a full year to commit to it. And, here I stand, 15 months later. I can say that my hair care regimen has been very low-key the last 6 weeks or so. I have still been pre-pooing my hair, deep conditioning it and wearing it in a bun. And, also putting oil on my scalp and lightly rubbing it through my hair. Easy breezy. Simple hair care. I am not into a whole lot of fuss when it comes to my hair, natural or permed. I crave easy. My hair is thick so easy works best for me. I rather not think a whole lot about what is going on with my hair.

A few days ago, my younger sister did my hair for me. She used some new products in my hair that i am now in love with. It is Joico shampoo and conditioner. Great product for natural hair. It smells incredible. It also left my hair so soft and shiny. I also sat under the dryer in rollers to give my hair some body. She finished by flat-ironing my hair. I have been wrapping it every night with my silk scarf. I feel brand new. If you didn't know my hair was natural, you would think I just got a fresh relaxer. It looks amazing. My hair is almost at the same length it was when I began my journey. I am on a length journey as well as healthy hair journey. It seems to be going in the right direction. I'll be back soon with more natural hair tales.

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