Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Picture This

No matter how strong a person appears to be, they can be broken. I know that I am a strong woman.It's the way I was raised. I handle things, I take care of people. It's just who I am. But, when everyone piles the weight of the world on the back of the supposedly "strong," how long before the strong break? It will happen because none of us are built to carry it all alone. So, yes, the strong can be broken. It takes more to break them. But, it will happen. It does happen. Maybe not often. And, the most annoying thing about being perceived as strong is that when you do break, you can't share that with anyone. The strong break in silence and in darkness. The strong break alone in their own spaces. It's annoying to have to hold the hurt & pain in. Mostly, I keep things to myself. I vent a lot here mainly because I know who in my circle reads this and who doesn't.

When the strong break, all they want is someone in their lives to realize it and offer their help. A shoulder to lean on, a hug, a kind word, or just a listening ear. It isn't much but to that strong, broken person it is the world. Because people expect the strong to be in control. This means that no one is ever truly there for them. That is the sad thing about being strong. It's a very lonely role to fill. So, yes, I am strong and maybe a little broken at times.That admission doesn't make me less strong. It just makes me more human. I know that I don't have to be superwoman every day. Hell, I don't have to be her at all. When I break, I take the time to feel what I'm feeling. Then, I put myself back together again. Strong always, broken sometimes, woman through and through. How about you?


  1. ..I feel there is much strength in weakness and recognizing we are all, always broken.

    1. MB - I have to always remember that. Being strong is a characteristic that I can't ever shake. Being broken is something I'n learning to live with.