Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Me Bodied

People will make an issue out of anything. I just read one of the most ridiculous articles ever. Of course , it was featured on Huffington Post, which seems to be the place for pieces like this. This article is insane. This doctor has condemned a pop star for taking a deal with Pepsi. Excuse me? When did it become a celebrities job to parent kids who aren't theirs? I will never understand this. It is a major issue when a celebs word has more say over your kids than you do. That is my bottom line. Beyonce' is the head of a global brand. She has been a Pepsi spokesperson for at least a decade. Why would she turn down a $50 million dollar deal that is beneficial for her? That makes no sense.

Yes, I know obesity is a huge issue in America, especially with kids. But, let us not forget that Beyonce' is also involved with the First Lady's Let's Move initiative. She also changed the words to her hit song "Get Me Bodied" and released a video to promote healthy eating and exercise. But, I guess all of that was for naught. Dr. Rockeymore comes across as a woman looking for an issue with a celeb. Her problem is with Pepsi and parents who contribute to the obesity of their child. I just don't get it. Maybe it's just me.

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