Monday, January 21, 2013

Historical Day

Today is the second inauguration of our 44th President Barack Hussein Obama. It is also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr National Holiday. I will not get on a soapbox about Dr. King. But, we all can say that his dream in some sort has been released in the re-election of President Obama. The people of the United States of America saw past the color of his skin and into his soul. I feel the same way today that I felt 4 years ago. I am bursting with pride because I know my vote counted. I helped elect this man twice. I have been interested in politics for as long as I can remember. Nothing has made me more prouder to be an American than I have been the last few years. I watched the inauguration the same way I did four years ago: happily. I am proud of my country today. Today will also go down in history. Just wanted to speak on that. I hope you guys watched it as well. Today is also a day of service. So, you guys should get out and do that as well. Happy Inauguration day & happy MLK day!!

Malia & Sasha Obama. In 09 and today.

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