Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pet Peeves II

Pet peeves. Those little or big things that others do that irritate me. I try my best not to be ocd about them. But there are a few that are like nails on a chalkboard to my entire being. This is just a small list of pet peeves.

01) Don't "stranger" me. - The telephone works both ways. One can place and receive calls with it. If you haven't heard from me, don't call me with the "Hey Stranger" line. It irks me. Because you can call/text me as easily as I can you. I will say that I don't talk to many people. That's just me. But, I will text the hell out of you. I make the effort with the people I need to. The whole "stranger" thing is very passive aggressive & I can't rock with it. Say what you mean & get on with it.

02) Playing the victim. Own your shit. - No one likes a person who plays the victim role. Especially not me. I can't stomach it. I don't tolerate it. If you did it, take the blame like an adult. I have no use for people like that in my life. They are draining and ridiculous. So, I cut them out like the cancer that they are. I have no time for it.

03) People who willing don't read books. - Im instantly saddened by folks who say "they don't read books." Like seriously? Where do people this lost come from? Yes, I can admit I judge folks who don't read or take in interest in the arts. That bugs me. Black people were denied this simple right for too long for me to not indulge. Also, it makes me question a person's intelligence as well. Pick up a book & learn something. "Books are uniquely portable magic." Stephen King

04) I absolutely abhor the fact that some of my favorite songs contain memories that are attached to people I've known. - I love, love, love music. Probably more than most people do. I hate when a specific song reminds me of a specific person, place or thing when that memory is bad. There are songs that literally make me cringe internally. Music almost always leads to a sensory memory. It cheapens the song to me. But, I can't stop attributing songs to people. It's the gift & the curse.

Now I'm sure that there are other pet peeves. These are the things at came to mind while I was sitting here. I do think that I've gotten much better at dealing with them. It's not always easy to over look them. But I work on it daily. What about you guys? What are your pet peeves? Let's talk about it!

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