Monday, January 07, 2013

Let's Talk About: Hypocrisy

I said I wouldn't blog about this issue. wouldn't take time to discuss a "celeb" that I don't see it for. But, then the above picture found its way to every social media site I frequent. And, it pissed me off for so many reasons. If you've been living under a rock, then you missed the announcement via Kanye West at his concert that Kim was his baby mama. Yes, she's pregnant. Babies are a blessing. I will not say anything about that. But, let's discuss the huge purple elephant in the room. Kim is still legally married to Kris Humphries and is pregnant for Kanye West. That is very messy. And, just wrong. So that meme above pissed me off because it's like because she has money her unsavory behavior should be overlooked. No. Let's call a thing a thing. I've never called her a whore because I honestly do not think she is. She is famous for no real reason. She has no personality and she just irks me. Oh and the "Ya'll hoes" shit was uncalled for. And, I don't know any female who had 3 kids by 17 fyi. Also, putting down other to uphold someone else defeats the purpose.

If Kim was Keisha from around the way in the same predicament, the same men I've seen caping for Kim would be dogging Keisha. That is the hypocrisy I despise. The comments that I've read about the Kimye baby have run the rainbow from positive to negative. My opinion is not about judging her. The facts are still the facts no matter who you are. And, when you chose to live your life in front of the world via a reality show and reality stunts then you get what you get. I'm just saying if I was a married woman going through a divorce the one thing I wouldn't do is get pregnant for my boyfriend. I mean that's the least I could do is close one door before walking through the next one. It's entirely too messy for my taste. Also, everything about this situation screams "Publicity stunt." Her new show is about to premiere. She did the same thing with that farce of a wedding right before the show premiered. See a pattern here? There is nothing authentic about the chick. I just want men, especially Black men, to stop upholding bullshit when it comes from white women. Just quit it. Wrong is wrong. End of discussion. I will not write about this again. I can't.


  1. Where have I been? ...Regardless, I like your stance.

    1. Thanks MB! And, happy New Year!!