Friday, January 25, 2013

Places I Must Visit: Cape Town, South Africa

I had to admit something. I am a Black woman who has never wanted to travel to Africa. Ever. Until recently. I'm not fond of long flights. Or going anywhere where I have to get a gang of shots to travel there. I hate needles and shots. Those were my two major complaints. Also, I've never felt connected to Africa. Yes, I know my ancestors are from there. I've just never been concerned about seeing the continent. I follow Demetria Lucas on Twitter. She is a relationship writer. She is in Africa right now. Her tweets have inspired me to look up more about the Motherland. And, from reading and seeing pictures, I have decided that Cape Town, South Africa is a place I must visit.

The pictures of Cape Town are gorgeous. I want to go on an African safari. I want to experience the life of the locals. I want to just be there. I have not researched my family lineage. I don't have a real urge to. But, I would love to see Africa. Just to say I've experienced it. Africa is gorgeous in pictures. The stories and articles that I've read about the country are all glowing endorsements. Africa is a place I need to see, yearn to see. This is why it has finally made it to my list of places I must see.

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