Sunday, January 20, 2013

As We Lay

I was listening to Songza as I do every night now. The remake of "As We Lay" by Kelly Price came on. I began to pay more attention to the lyrics. And, I became a little perturbed by the bs of it all. I was instantly reminded of my childhood. My Mom despised this song. So much so that I wasn't allowed to sing the original by Shirley Murdock. This track got no love in our household. I didn't know then what I know now. This song is the epitome of some gutter hoe shit. My Mother was correct to be so adamantly against her daughter singing it.

Of course, the infidelity is the biggest issue. I mean if you cheat on me I'm definitely going to leave you. That's just me & my stance. But what really pissed me off was a few lines in the second verse. Kelly sings "Goodbye baby. You're leaving me. I know you've got to hurry home to face your wife, wife. I would never want to hurt her, no, no, no. She would never understand. You belong to me for just one night." o_O My initial reaction was "Heffa please!" Listen, I am a lot of things. But, a stupid woman isn't one of them. If my husband had the balls to stay out all night, just know he wouldn't be coming home to me. If dude stays out all night without a reasonable excuse, we're going to have a misunderstanding.

And, the only excuse would be one of two things. Either he was unconscious in the E.R. or he was in jail & couldn't call. There is no other option. If a man is bold enough to not only have an affair but also to stay out all night with his side piece, he has no love or respect for me or our marriage. Dude walk in my house after being out all night with ya jump-off. See how that works out for you. I probably shouldn't blog when I haven't slept & have spent too many hours over thinking thoughts because this happens. But, it's my real feelings on it. Either way, I'm cool on the entire aspect of "As We Lay."

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