Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, This Happened This Week

Hospitals freak me out. I just don't like them. I have no issues with doctors or nurses. But, hospitals just aren't my scene. I went to sleep Sunday night perfectly fine and healthy. I woke up looking like a totally different person. Half of my face was swollen. I did not know what was wrong. I thought maybe I slept too hard and it would go away on its on. I wasn't in any pain. It appeared worse than it felt. I attempted to treat myself at home. I used a heating pad on my face, an ice pack, a hot towel all to slight results. My face was still swollen when I went to bed Monday night. I woke up Tuesday morning more swollen than I was Monday. I began to worry a little because now there was pain. I googled my symptoms. I was wondering if I had been bitten or if this was something extremely serious. I used the hot towel for about an hour. And, the swelling subsided so much that I believed I was in the clear. I took some extra strength Tylenol for the pain. And this is where I went wrong, I took a nap. My face, lips, nose and eyes were all swollen when I woke up. I went straight to the ER at a local hospital. That was an adventure in itself. There were blood tests, CAT scans, IV drips full of Benadryl, antibiotics and saline. My blood pressure was ridiculously high, which is abnormal for me. My heart rate was elevated because I was scared and nervous. I had a fever of 103.2 and it dropped to 101.1 after 2 hours. It was normal when I was discharged.

The swelling has subsided a lot which is awesome. I am in no pain thank God. I will never sit around and wait before going to the doctor again. If I can avoid it, the ER will never see me again. The highlight of this particular adventure was running into an old high school friend who is now the head nurse of the hospital. He talked to me while I was getting an IV and while I was waiting on my CAT scan results. He truly calmed me down. My fear of hospitals, not feeling well and being extremely cold caused me to have a slight anxiety attack. I've never had an extended hospital stay, never had an IV before or a CAT scan. So, everything was huge for me that night/morning. I was freaking myself out thinking of worst case scenarios. I'm grateful for the nurses and the two residents who worked with me. They were so nice. I have another appointment later this week. I left with a diagnosis that didn't freak me out. It's something simple and can be taken care of quickly. So, I am better but not completely myself yet. I feel like the oddest things happen to me lol. I will always have great stories to tell when I get old. This has been my anything but ordinary week. I'm on the road to recovery. So, if you are praying folks, send up one for me.


  1. Who was the nurse? So glad my favorite cousin is doing better. I was so ready to head home to be by her side. Love you cousin and I'm glad you are doing better.

    1. Thanks Cousin. It was Rodney Pierre from RHS. I'm not all the way better but almost. Love you too.