Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January 2013 Random Thoughts

°I spent New Year's Eve sick, doped up on meds and alone. I was in bed well before 12. And, sleep as the New Year rolled around. Great fun right? :/

° The week of Christmas was so much needed family fun. I needed to be with my family. Needed to laugh and be silly with them. They were the greatest. I thoroughly enjoyed myself that week.

° This whole fiscal cliff fiasco has me on edge. The damn House and Congress Republicans, especially Boehner and Cantor, are idiots. I wish the President would just go in there and for lack of better words, drop his nuts. He is the President and will be until January 2017. He should tell them all to kiss his natural black ass and keep it moving. Oh but I am glad that things have been worked out in the 11th hour.

° I am super geeked about "The Great Gatsby" with Leonardo DiCaprio. I absolutely loved the book in high school. I am currently re-reading it again. I will be front & center when it is released. Oh, and Jay-Z, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, is doing the music score for the film. That in itself is a major win.

° I am currently working on my virtual vision board on Pinterest. This is my first time doing one. After reading books like "The Secret," "The Dream Giver," and "The Alchemist," I truly believe in the law of attraction.

° Last year, I read a lot of great books. All of them made an impact on my life. My goal for this year is to read double what I read last year. Mostly life changing, motivational type books. A few trashy books to spice it up.

° In this new year, I am focused on strengthening relationships. In the last few years, some relationships in my life haven't been nurtured in the right way. I have to fix them. And, I will.

° Over the holidays, I played Spades with my family. I haven't played cards in years. I forgot how much I enjoy it. Especially the shit talking that takes place on that table. We have a tentative date for a rematch around Mardi Gras when everyone is back home. I cannot wait.

° I am still on my natural hair journey. It's been almost 15 months without a relaxer. I never thought I would stick to it. But I did. I got my hair washed, deep conditioned, and flat-ironed on New Year's Eve'e eve by my sis. I literally feel like a new woman. My hair feels so good. Soft, shiny and most of all healthy. That makes me happy.

°I finally watched "The Dark Knight Rises." It was good but not as good as the "The Dark Knight." I loved Heath Ledger as the Joker in that one. But still a fitting end to the trilogy.

° I've been trying not to allow myself to wallow in my feelings. It hasn't been easy. Hell, I've failed at it more than I've succeeded. But, I still soldier on. I'm ok when I'm around others. But, when I'm alone, that's another story. But, I'm working steadily on it.

°TLC premiered two new reality shows last night. "Totally T-Boz" is a show about T-Boz of TLC fame & her life. It seems fake and forced. T-Boz seems loud and extra. I don't think I'll be watching it again. The second show is "The Sisterhood." It's about First Ladies of Churches. There is something so wrong with this show that it's right. I will be watching it again. The women are interesting. You guys should get into them.

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