Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Into It: Duolingo

I love languages. I love to hear them spoken even if I cannot understand. I have mastered the Spanish language. I want to conquer a few more. Learning a new language can be hard and expensive. I have found a way around the cost issue. I stumbled across a new FREE site that helps. It's Duolingo. They over free foreign language tutoring. They offer Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. I have spent the last hour brushing up on my Spanish. I plan to tackle French tomorrow. The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. It is interactive and bright. I love the clear speaking voice of the monitor. The Spanish section of Duolingo has been very fun for me. I do have 6 years of high school and college level Spanish under my belt. I do not use it daily like I should. But, I can read and write it expertly. This site has given me a little bit of happiness on a Saturday. It is also available as a free app on Andriod or I-phone. I just downloaded. I will be using this app a lot I believe. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn a new language, Duolingo is it. Go ahead and get into it.

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