Friday, January 11, 2013

Dear Diary (V)

Have you ever felt...empty? Like something is missing from your life? That's the feeling I've been fighting lately. On my quest to be a better version of myself, I've been thinking a lot. More than normal actually. I figured that I needed to work on my internal self. Meaning watching what I put into my body as far as food, music, tv, what I read & what I think. Weeding out the negative aspects of life is going well so far. I've changed a lot of my thoughts. I have to thank "The Alchemist," as well as "The Dreamgiver." These two books really resonated deeply with me.

But, now that I'm aware of certain that things, I notice when things are lacking. That emptiness I spoke of earlier. It's this nagging feeling of something being missing. I'm not exactly sure what it is. What if it's something I can't fix? Or is I not able to obtain? I just feel like I'm going to have to face it eventually. It's inevitable. I don't think this emptiness is about a person or people. I truly believe that it's something I have to discover about myself. No one can give it to me. It's a journey that only I can take. Alone. Self discovery can be many things. I'm open to all of them. I have a feeling that the emptiness will fade away & I will be abundantly full. Always. How can I be anything other than excited about it? Life is good.