Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's My Hair: Taking the Natural Route

I've been contemplating over this decision for a while. My decision has become clearer in the last few weeks. So, I've finally made the jump. I have decided to get my hair back to its natural state. I am currently about 10/11 weeks post perm. So I'm in the beginning stages of transitioning. I currently have no plans to BC (big chop). I think that thought scares me the most. I'm in the easy stage of this process. I already know that things are about to get harder. 

I think that I will be getting Senegalese twists done within the next month or two. It's a protective transitional hair style. From all that I've read, it will be extremely helpful in my transition. I definitely need to get my ends trimmed as soon as possible. This journey is so scary to me because this is all uncharted territory. I have no clue what my hair actually looks like. It's going to be an adventure. I know I will want to give up while transitioning. I just have to stay true to what I want. I will update my progress as it comes. Pray for me! I'll be a naturalista in no time!

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