Saturday, July 07, 2012

Randomly...Here I Go Again

°The above image is what I imagine my brain to look like internally on any given day. There is a soundtrack to my life streaming in my head. This image is dope to me.

° It's so hhhoootttt!!! Yes, I know it's summer but this intense heat wave is not the business. It's going to be a long, ridiculously hot summer. Which worries me because the h otter it is, the more prevalent hurricanes are in the Gulf. *le sigh*

° I have been caught up in a few books for the last week. If you have not heard of or read the "Left Behind" series, I suggest you get into them. I am only on book 4 of the 13 and I cannot put them down. These books are about what happens after the Rapture occurs. They have been amazing. I have to thank HIM for introducing me to them. Thanks Baby :)

° Reading the above books has sparked a flame in me again. I have to finish the Bible. I have read about half of it.

° Being on Twitter has allowed me to truly realize that people are stupid. Especially concerning the sexuality of Frank Ocean. Which, by the way, is none of our business. None.

° I am so spoiled. I am. I have tried to shake this affliction but have failed. Oh well :p

° I really want a puppy. I have been wanting one for years. I blame Mahogany Cherrelle for reinforcing this want. Lol.

° Sometimes I have the strangest conversations with people. I wonder what goes through people's minds when they come at me. It kinda needs to cease.

° I have been on a fruit kick lately. Strawberries, watermelon and grapes have been the staple all week.

° This is the first year in a long time that I am not attending Essence Music Fest. I'm a little bit sad about it. But, then again there were only two people I wanted to see this year: D'Angelo and Elle Varner. The lineup this year left much to be desired. I've seen everybody on the bill before at least once. Maybe next year will be better.

° I am still laughing about this. You would be too if you watched it.

° I have to be better about keeping in touch with my friends. I get really caught up in my own world a lot. I have to work on this neglect.

° Oh, I need more blogs to read/follow. If any of you know of any, let me know in the comments below. Thanks in advance!

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