Sunday, July 22, 2012

Does Age Matter When Dating?

We've all heard the saying "age ain't nothing but a number" but is it? Do you agree with that? When it comes to dating (assuming everyone is of legal age), does age really matter?? It is an age old question. My answer has changed drastically since I was 16. I preferred guys my age in high school. That was the norm.. I wasn't into older guys until college. I've realized that age isn't as important as maturity level. That is the determining factor.

I have dated younger (twice), my age (most of the time) and older (a few times). What I have realized is age really doesn't matter. Younger guys can be more mature than guys my age. Older guys can be much more immature than they should be. I know its been said that women mature faster than men. I think that is a case by case situation as well. Maturity never presents itself in the same way. I prefer to be able to have conversations with a man on a myriad of topics. A mature man who is fully aware of the world around him makes me smile.

Many factors should be considered when it comes to dating. The attraction comes first. During the initial conversations, other factors will be fleshed out. Age comes up as well as occupation and kids. All of the pieces matter. I think the answer to the age old question depends on the person. I'm totally opposed to dating younger. Older seems to suit me much better. I think its because I am an old soul. You're only as old or young as you feel. I know what works for me and what I prefer. What about you guys? Weigh in!

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