Thursday, July 05, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Daley "Alone Together"

I am a new fan of Daley. His mixtape "Those Who Wait" is great to me. I just discovered him via Twitter a few days ago. All thanks to my girl Joey (check out her blog). Daley;s voice is very smooth. I just press play and let it go. You can download his free mixtape from his website. My favorite song so far has to be the collabo with Marsha Ambrosius "Alone Together." So, I wanted to share it with you guys. Listen, love and enjoy.

"A definite silence
You’re almost exactly what I need
A definite maybe
Is sure to entice my curiosity
I can't help but think that this doesn't add up
I'm trying to separate the facts from all the fiction
We’re living in a world of contradictions
And if baby you’re the truth then I’m lying next to you

You’re the desert sand, I’ll be your water
And you’re the perfect plan I never thought of
I don’t wanna do this on my own
and you shouldn’t have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
be alone together.

Well my heart’s been racing, chasing after you
You’re the sweetest dream my incredible you
You’re the star so bright, you're eyes the lightest blue
I can’t help but stare at you
So soft your lips, the wind blow in my hair, yeah
Come closer let me whisper in your ear
‘cause what will be will be every chance you give to me
You will see yeah yeah


I always keep you safe in my arms
I will guarantee that I will never break your heart
I’ll always put you first cause you deserve the world
I wanna know you
I wanna hold you baby
I wanna show you


You shouldn't have to be alone
I would rather be alone together
Be alone together baby."

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