Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's That Time Again...

1: Apart from blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time? Reading and talking/laughing with my Love & hanging with my family.
2: Name a favorite of each: food, drink, color. Pasta, Strawberry Martini, Cerulean.
3: If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on? Property...and shoes :)
4: Name a favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. "The Five People You Meet In Heaven," "Brown Sugar," The Wire.
5: If you were given the opportunity to spend 48 hours with absolutely anyone (living or dead), who would you spend it with and what would you do? My Dad & we would just talk and laugh.
6: Name a LEAST favorite of each: food, drink, color. Liver, Jack & Coke, Green.
7: What do you spend most of your money on? My hobbies which include music, reading & shoes.
8: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing? Boyshorts.
9: Name a LEAST favorite of each: book, movie, tv show. The 50 Shades trilogy, Darkness, House.
10: If you were sat on a plane beside your favorite celebrity, what would you do? After talking myself into a clam state, I would strike up a conversation about their art. Tell him how much I appreciate his work.
11: What is the strangest thing you have in your room? (You are not allowed to explain why you own it.) A Build-A-Bear.
12: What is a weird habit you have, or people have told you have. (Weird, not bad. No nail biting or any of that nonsense.) I prefer to be in the dark.
13: What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself? That I'm not intelligent.
14: What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house? Open floor plan, spacious master suite, a closet to die for, chef's kitchen, & big backyard.
15: If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you chose and why? A hummingbird. Because they are little and cute and can go anywhere whenever they want.
16: Which band (current or past) would you want to go on tour* with? (*Travel with, not preform with.) New Edition.
17: Name a favorite of each: band, album, song. New Edition, "Reasonable Doubt," "Happy Feelings"
18: Why is your favorite band your favorite? I fell for them as a kid. They were adorable little brown boys who could sing. I was sold.
19: How many concerts have you attended? Which was your favorite? Least favorite? If none, who do you want to see live the most? Whew, hard question. Let's say 100 give or take a few. My favorite is a tie between the Watch the Throne tour and Essence the year Lauryn Hill performed. Least fave: was Essence the year MJB was so high and so drunk and she was awful.
20: What is one of your favorite song lyrics? (Who is it by?)"Cause your eyes are the windows to heaven. Your smile could heal a million souls. Your love completes my existence. You're the other half that makes me whole. You're the only other half that makes me whole." - Amel Larrieux "Make Me Whole"
21: Who do you love? My family, my Love, my friends.
22: What band merch do you own? If any, whose is it and when did you get it? If none, whose do you wish you owned? Outside of music, I am not into band merchandise.
23: How big is your heart? The capacity of it is gargantuan.
24: How did you learn of the band that is currently your favorite?Through my Dad.

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