Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Music Review: Frank Ocean & Jhene Aiko

This week's music review consists of something old and something new. The two artists, Frank Ocean and Jhene Aiko, are quite similar. Both projects are great in their own right. Both projects are full of soulful lyrics and tracks. Both Ocean and Aiko are singer/songwriters. Both reside in LA. Both have unique voices. And, last but not least, both have a story to tell that is at first thought unique to them. I was thoroughly impressed with both "Channel Orange" and "Sailing Souls." Let's discuss them.

From the first time I heard of Frank Ocean, I was a fan. Back then he was known as Lonnie Breaux. He was from my hometown. When he released "Novacane," his name became known worldwide. His mixtape was in constant rotation for months. It's just really good r&b. Soulful melodies and lyrics run rampant on both of his projects. His debut "Channel Orange" was one I was waiting for. He lived up to the hype. There are some truly great tracks on his debut. What I love the most is the fact that it just flows. I do not have to skip around. I can press play on #1 and play it all the way through. The constant theme of love and heartbreak is obvious. It's one that everyone can relate to. Ocean is an awesome writer, a good singer and a wonderful artist. His art makes me happy.

I was late getting on the Jhene Aiko train. Her voice is one I've known for a while. I hadn't heard her "Sailing Souls" before last week. I was sold on it from the first listen. Her voice is very light and sweet. But, I really enjoy it. I like her lyrics and her subject matter. She seems to be a lot older than she really is. There isn't one track that I dislike. Aiko really put her heart into this project. She is currently signed to Def Jam and is said to be working on her debut "Souled Out." I cannot wait to hear this as well. Hope you guys enjoy this little bit of old and new music.

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