Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Classic Music: No Doubt "Tragic Kingdom"

No Doubt has been my group from the moment I first heard "Just A Girl." I really dug the fact that the band was fronted by a woman. Gwen was awesome even back then. I just knew that I had to have "Tragic Kingdom" when it came out. The singles were perfect. No Doubt was just a little rock group from California but I connected with them. I have been referred to as a "valley girl" before so this should be no real surprise. The group has gone on to release more cds. Gwen even had a very successful solo career. They are getting ready to release new music soon. I'm excited that my group is getting back together. The fact that I can still listen to their debut cd in 2012 means a lot. It is classic in every sense of the word to me. Enjoy my favorite tracks below!


  1. Hi Kenda, as promised, here is the link to my new spot: I'm still a little under construction but check me out as I will be fully functional soon. I decided eliminating my real names and craeting something new was best as I'll be interviewing with the state soon. Also, sharing my blog (and business) on my facebook may not be the best idea anymore personally or professionally, plus, Mr. B is not having it - we have a lot of mutual friends/ associates... So here I am. Talk to you soon!

    1. Hey girl. Thanks for letting me know where you are. Will continue to check you out there.