Monday, March 26, 2012

Drunk On Love

Being in love is a great feeling. Every day it feels different and new. But, I've heard the expression "being drunk on love" a lot lately. And, it's always discussed in a negative way. I'm beginning to believe that it's only that way when others aren't in love. When I think of the words of the phrase, I dissect it word by word. When I'm drunk, I'm extra silly, extra sappy, very in touch with my feelings. I define "love" in many ways. All of them are positive. So why wouldn't I think that being drunk on love is a great thing. Of course I would.

Relationships can be hard work. But, some times they aren't. Love can be really easy. I think that I fall into the category of being drunk on love. It has to be because of the person I'm loving. It's crazy how right it feels. It just works I have no problem saying that I like spending all my free time with him. He's the person I want to talk to everyday. It just worked out this way. So maybe others may not get it. But as for me, nothing else feels correct. I'm going to sip from this drink called love for many more days, years. I happen to enjoy it. Why not get drunk on love?

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