Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Raheem Devaughn "Soulmate"

Raheem Devaughn has been a favorite of mine for a while. I feel as if hus greatness has not been noticed by the masses. His voice makes me very happy. As soon as his name was suggested to me, I knew what song to choose. "Soulmate" is the perfect track. The lyrics are just about everything. It's one of those perfect love songs. If you've never had the pleasure of heating this song, please indulge below. Let Raheem sing to your soul.

"Oooo baby this is a wonderful day baby
Today my dreams come true my soulmate-

Never knew a lady like you
distinct on the earth
When we met on my life
I fell in love
so I am here with you on this day to say
for my love yes
your name has my heart

You're my soulmate (my soulmate)
with this ring I pledge to be with you
You're my soulmate
mmmm with this ring I pledge
(I pledge) to be with you mmm hmm

So glad you are my lady
my one and only lady
you make me feel that I have the world
My life without you is uncontrolled
girl I'll give you my world
For the rest of the days of my life
You were meant for me
you were meant for me yeah. "

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