Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can You Hear My Biological Clock Ticking?

What is it about the age of 30 that sets off ideas of what one should be doing? I will be 33 this year. I can say that with a smile on my face. It kills me that others think that they know what's best for me. I hate the "so when are you going to have a baby" conversations almost as much as the "you know you aren't getting any younger." I know exactly how old I am. I'm well read on the advantages and disadvantages of having babies later in life. I don't need to be reminded of the fact that I haven't accomplished motherhood yet.

I don't want to be commended for not having a child (and furthermore being a single mom) nor do I want to be sympathized with because I've never been pregnant. It's the ultimate catch 22. As a teen and my early 20's, I knew inherently that getting pregnant would not be in my best interest. I was not ready for a baby. I didn't want to disappoint my Mom. I never wanted to be a single mom because I watched my Mom do it. I was raised in that struggle. It was hard. I didn't think I was built for it. I've always loved babies. I have not always loved the idea of having my own.

Some people approach the topic with me in the complete wrong way. I've been told that me not having a baby yet makes me less of a woman. It seems as if other people can hear my biological clock ticking louder than I can. I definitely do want babies. Little girls and boys who look and act like me would make my heart smile. I know nothing happens until it is time. I do not have any control over this. I'm ok with that. When it happens, I'll be over the moon excited! So, do me a favor. If you can hear my biological clock ticking, do me a favor & keep that info to yourself. Please and thanks in advance. I'll leave things like procreation in the hands of my God. He's always on time.

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