Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are Haters Real?

I abhor the word "haters." It's overused and never used in the right context. People have sunk their teeth into this idea of having haters as if it's a great thing. I refuse to believe that every day normal people have throngs of these imaginary haters. The real question is "Are you for real?" Why would someone just chose you to hate on? Why? I do not get it. People cannot be this brain dead. I just have to giggle about it. Haters are something that people aspire to have. For what reason, I do not know.

Let me be clear here, hating is not something that must people do. If I just DO NOT like some person/place/thing, it means I just don't like it. That is not hating. That's me stating my opinion. And, we all know I have no issue expressing that. There are rappers that I think are beyond wack. I do not really engage in conversations about them because I do not like them at all. That's my prerogative. It's my personal belief that those who claim to have haters are just delusional. Because the reality is, what do you have that people should covet? I have heard the most ridiculous conversations about haters. I just laugh now. I think it's ridiculous. People need to find some thing else to fixate on. I cannot even take the idea seriously. For those of you who do adhere to that belief, identify yourselves so I'll know how to proceed. For those that do not, I salute you. To my "haters" (hahahaha) have fun!

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