Thursday, July 26, 2012

Residual Effects

There have been many situations where I find my inner reaction to not be the best. But what can you do when someone has hurt your feelings and too much time has passes? This person may believe that the situation has been squashed. In reality, you're still the injured party. You still get upset when you think back on things. Your feelings are still hurt. It could be a case where you have to man/woman up and deal. Your own emotions may make you hold on to the pain. Which is never good. But it is the way you feel.

I am not good at dealing with feelings that take me outside of my comfort zone. I hate to deal. I cry a lot. I literally cry at the mere thought of the situation. That's how hurt I can be about it. I don't like leaving things unresolved. But every situation in life does not warrant closure. Some times it's just better to move forward. I don't like people to know that their actions have a lingering effect on me.

So, in an effort to deal, I push my feelings down deep. I try my best to not think about the wrong that was done to me. I'm very good at moving on in the sense that no one will ever know what I'm feeling. I know I can sensitive to some things. There are times when I just keep my mouth closed and process things internally. That works well for me. I do not like having residual emotions concerning any situation. I like things settled. That's all I can do. I settle things in my own way. It's the only option that doesn't hurt any one else. I just deal with my own feelings. Some, I'm better at this than others. I do get things solved.


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    1. Just thinking back on a few incidents that I didnt speak my mind/heart. They still bother me I guess.