Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Scenario: Relationships & Food Etiquette

When it comes to cooking, for me it's all about love. I cook for my family to nourish them. That makes me happy. Food makes people happy. It fills us up in more ways than one. I know I can be possessive. I have accepted this part of me. That leads me to the scenario. A woman who is not family or friends cooking for your man. Are we for or against this? I'm so against this. I have strong feelings about a woman who isn't family cooking for my man. Women are taught from an early age that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Some women may pretend to just want to be friends with a man. It's not their true intention at all. Food is a ploy to worm their way in. I've seen it happen. I won't allow it to happen to me.

A woman can cook for HIM if she wants. I will throw it out like the trash it is. No ma'am. I will not stand for that. My guy though that was funny. I laughed because it's funny but I'm serious though. It's the same as if a man was cooking for me or buying me gifts. If he is not family or life long friend, this is not acceptable behavior. Especially for a woman who is clearly taken. I called my cousin & her husband just to get their reaction. My cousin Ty said she would want to fight the woman. I laughed but understood. Her husband wondered what kind of stupid question was that. Maybe we're all possessive & territorial. But, we all can't be wrong in feeling the way we do. Is it ok for some other woman to cook for your significant other? Do you see it for the trap that it is? Let's discuss food etiquette and relationships.


  1. I agree 100%! Preparing a meal for someone is very intimate. If it's a group function, we're good though. I however, also don't really believe in real deal opposite sex friendships when dating - unless it's a 'we're all friends' thing. In reference to the Floetry song you posted, it has been my experience that someone always catches feelings. ...I think Mr. B and I share this because as we moved forward it became inappropriate for one of us kick it solo with someone of the opposite sex. So coming full circle, one of us should really never be sitting at someone's table eating their food or be bringing a plate home...

    1. MC - I totally agree with you on the sitting at someone's table. I disagree with your point about opposite sex friends. I have a few male friends that are like brothers. We've been friends for 20+ years. My guy has a female friend or two that he goes back years with as well. Now, I would never do anything to disrespect my relationship and neither would he and nor would our friends because they know the deal.