Monday, December 31, 2012

My Personal Best Blogs Of The Year

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my best viewed blogs of 2012. I love watching the numbers rise on my blogs. It truly makes this writer beyond happy. This year alone I posted 381 times! That is insane. I can't believe I did it. Ok, this is my end of the year wrap up. Get into it!!

° - My "Soul Mates" post was a huge hit. It garnered 2,179 views!

° - I fell for the lyrics of a great song. I wrote about Nikki Leonti's "The Walk" and it got 1,117 hits.

° - Karma is a topic I ponder often. I did so here and folks were reading. It was viewed 654 times.

° - Hair is a huge topic, specially for Black women. I started my natural hair journey almost 15 months ago. I wrote a review on Cantu products. It received 400 hits.

° - We are all familiar with our comfort zones. I blogged about the topic and folks were watching. 396 people to be exact.

I am beyond thankful for everyone of you for visiting my blog, reading my words and coming back. Ridiculously thankful for the readers who take the time out to comment and engage conversation. I do not know why you came but I am thankful for you. I put my heart into my words here. And, to have people embrace that brings me to tears. So, I just wanted to take the timeout to say thanks. 2012 has been a hell of a year, writing/blogging wise for me. Cannot even begin to imagine what 2013 will inspire. Happy New Year's Eve!!!

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