Friday, December 28, 2012

One Night at a Bar (Part 1)

I haven't been sleeping that much lately. I have been doing a lot of free writing. This story came out one morning. I decided to share it here. I don't know if I'm done with these characters. Hope you guys enjoy my short story.

She waited patiently at the dimly lit bar. Nervously touching her diamond pendant necklace. It was a habit. She was on edge. Anxious. The bartender walked over to her. "Hi there. What can I get you, pretty lady?" he asked while smiling. She smiled backed weakly. "A glass of Pinot Noir, please." she replied. "You look like you could use something stronger. How about a shot on the house to go with your Pinot." She smoothed out the napkin while shaking her head. "I'm Max. Let's take a shot" he said. "Hi Max. I'm Kalila." She picks up the shot glass and throws it back. Max does the same. "You look nervous. Are you waiting on someone?" Max asked. Kalila responds "Yes, I'm waiting on my boyfriend. He's late as usual." as she looks at her watch.

She finished her glass of wine way too quickly. She didn't care. She was fighting off tears. Max refilled her wine without asking her. "You look like you needed another one, Kalila." She replied "I did. Thank you." "You don't look very happy waiting on this man. What's wrong?" Those two words. That question had been following her for weeks now. The tears came as she lowered her head. "Hey, please don't cry. I'm sorry for prying." he said. She dabbed at the tears on her face. "It's not your fault, Max. This is just the end of something I wanted more than anything. You are about to witness a breakup." Kalila said. Max looked into the sad,sad eyes of Kalila and felt her pain. "You don't want it to be over though." "No, but it has to be. He doesn't even see me anymore. I deserve to be seen." Kalila said to Max. "I don't know why I'm spilling my guts to a stranger. But, you don't know me so I don't really care." "Well, if he is taking you for granted, then maybe you should leave."

Kalila drinks her Pinot slow and keeps hawking the door. She can't look Max in the eyes. She knew he was right. Every fiber in her being knew this already. The relationship had run its course. She was just sad and afraid. Sad because she was losing her best friend, her love. Afraid because she did not know what life would be without Zachary. She loved him fiercely. But, it wasn't enough. Not at all. Max asked "Would you like another glass?" She shakes her head no. "Water would probably be better. I need to be clear to do this." Max understands. Kalila drops her head. Max takes this as a sign that she needs a minute. He walks away to serve other patrons at the bar. She was on edge. Zack is super late. She checks her cell for the 100th time. No missed calls or texts. Another sign that she is an afterthought to her own man. She gets angry all over again. "This is crazy," she thinks. An hour has passed, still no Zach. She calls him but gets no answer. She wants to leave but cannot.

Her phone vibrates finally. She looks down to see if it is a call or a text. A text from Zachary. She sighs. Her heart knows that it will be bullshit. It's all that iit ever is. Zachary's text read: "Sorry, Baby. I'm not going to make it to the bar. Work calls." Kalila is ridiculously annoyed. And highly pissed off. "He does not care. Why would he do this? What? I wasn't worth a damn phone call." she wonders aloud. Max notices her demeanor. He is tempted to talk to her again. But, he doesn't want to intrude. She sits with her shoulders slumped over. She looks like a woman defeated by life. A beautiful woman but defeated none the less. Max wanted her. But, her heart belonged to another. He wanted to know more about the woman with the deep brown eyes. But, he knew better. He was a great judge of character. He knew now was not the time.

Kalila is thinking and shaking her head. "This is what their relationship had come to. Her always waiting on him. Waiting on him to pick up the phone. Waiting on him to come over. Waiting on him to let her in. He'd been different lately." She didn't want to admit that. It was as if he didn't love her anymore. And, that hurt like hell. His actions screamed that he didn't care anymore. But neither of them had the courage to end it. He was supposed to be her happily ever after. She finishes her drink and calls for Max. He walks over to her. "I'm done. How much?" she asked. Max smiles and says "No charge. You look like a woman who needs a break. It's on me." Kalila was taken aback. She smiles and thanks him profusely. She takes out a $20 bill to tip the nice man with the great voice and smile. "Here this is for you. Thanks for lending me your ear." He takes the tip graciously. "Thank you. Don't be a stranger. Come back to my bar sometime, Kalila." "Your bar?" "I own it. I'm just filling in for a sick bartender tonight." He hands her a card. "Do you promise to come back?" Kalila smiles "Yes, I do. Thank you Max. Good night."

Kalila walks out of the bar with a smile on her face. She knew that her future was unsure. She knew that her relationship with Zachary was over. She looked down at the card. It was nice, very professional. She flipped it over to see that Max had written his cell number on the back. She was surprised. She put the card into her wallet as she walked to her car. She did not know what was ahead of her. But, she was smiling regardless. To Be Continued...Maybe...

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