Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Reader's Review: Part XII: "The Dream Giver"

I am always looking for new books to read. I found my latest choice via Twitter. Necole Bitchie is an entertainment blogger that I really enjoy. You can visit her site here. The book is "The Dreamgiver" by Bruce Wilkerson. This is the story of Ordinary and following your dreams. The way the story is told is very interesting. The book reminds me of the poem "Everybody, Anybody, Somebody, and Nobody." I love that the main character doesn't have a name. He just goes by "Ordinary." Any one of us could be "Ordinary." That's the brillance of the plot.

In essence, we can all find ourselves in the main character "Ordinary" because we are. We are all on a journey to follow our dreams. We have to fight through our own personal comfort zones to attain them. Our dreams are obtainable. They are ours to reach. "The Dreamgiver" weaves a great tale. Ordinary is just an every day person living an ordinary life. He hears a voice that tells him to go after his dreams. I took that voice to be God. Ordinary meets so many people on his journey to capturing the "Big Dream." Ordinary also inspires others on his way. That's the way dream capturing works. It was a very good and quick read. I loved every bit of it. This book was awesome. I would recommend it to any reader looking for a new book. Get into it.

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