Sunday, December 23, 2012

Classic Music: Amerie "All I Have"

Amerie was a breath of fresh air. Her debut single "Why Don't We Fall In Love?" was infectious and played constantly on the air. I was a super fan of it. I loved the playfulness of it. Loved Amerie's voice. Her single was the soundtrack of my summer. My girls and I loved it. I think the only song of hers that compared to her debut was "1 Thing" which was another infectious track. Amerie's debut was "All I Have." It did not do as well as it should have. And, they were other songs that should have been released as singles. But, the project was awesome. I can still play it all the way through. There is not one song that I dislike. The lyrics, her voice and the music were all perfectly married on this project. I was a happy consumer then and now.

Her second single "Talkin To Me" was important to me because I had the hugest crush on a co-worker. So, that song became sort of my theme song. When her debut cd premiered, I had to have it. I was not disappointed. The chemistry and sound that Amerie and Rich Harrison created is timeless. "All I Have" is classic for that reason to me. I still play this cd. It will never get old to me. I really wish that her and Harrison would collabo again because her sound hasn't been the same since she stopped working with him. Their chemistry reminds me of what Aaliyah had with Tim and Missy. It was unique to them and no one else could touch it. Her single choices were very good. But, her album was full of single worthy tracks. Below are my favorites. Get into these throwbacks. Enjoy.

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