Sunday, December 16, 2012

And Another Thing (Mini-Rant)

Tragedies, like the Connecticut school shooting, always have a way of putting life into perspective for me. My birthday was a happy/sad day for me. I am always happy to celebrate making it through another year. But, to know that 20 children lost their lives that day as well made it sad. I still cannot believe this is the world we live in. This is not normal. I've been watching CNN and MSNBC constantly since Friday. It's only so much sadness one person can take. I just can't turn away though. Those kids deserve my attention. They need to know their lives were not in vain. I received calls from all 8 of my nieces and nephews on my birthday. I didn't realize how much I was longing for those calls. Hearing those tiny voice tell me "Happy Birthday" meant the world to me. Especially when there were so many tiny voices lost on the same day. I needed to hear from my nieces and nephews. They made my day. I am still so hurt behind the loss of life....especially kids. That is just wrong. I am praying for the families who are dealing with this tragedy. We have to remember their names, tell their stories. I still cannot wrap my mind around this. I am sure I never will. It's just been on my mind and I cannot shake it. Those poor little children. Gone entirely too soon. We will never be able to make sense of this tragedy. I'll just leave that up to God.

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