Sunday, December 09, 2012

Things I Like: Michael Kors

I have developed an affinity for anything Michael Kors. Like most women, I love fashion. I am an accessory queen. I love my watches and rings and bracelets. I only wear necklaces every now and then. I literally hoard handbags. I love them so much. Let's not even get started on me and my shoe obsession. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, " a woman can never have too many shoes." I am not into name brands that much. I just like quality, well made, aesthetically pleasing pieces/clothes. That is always my guideline when shopping. I like what catches and holds my eye. Michael Kors does this. I always notice his ads in the magazines. I am always drawn to his lines in the stores. That registers with me.

There is just something about his designs that I dig. I love the fabrics he chooses. The man is a fashion genius in my book. He can do know wrong. I've picked a few of my favorite must have pieces by Kors. They are pictured throughout. They are my favorite pieces. The Rose Gold watch is one thing that I must have. They would all make great birthday and/or Christmas gifts for a December baby like myself. *hint, hint* Feel free to buy these for me :) These are just a few things I like.

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