Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Cameo "Sparkle"

This will be my last "Ladies Love Lyrics" for 2012. I decided to reach back for this pick. I wanted to end the year with one of my childhood favorite tracks. The song is "Sparkle" by Cameo. This song means so much to me. My Dad used to sing this all the time. He loved to sing and he could sing so well. I miss those moments. I had not heard this track in well over a decade. So, when it played on Songza last week, I couldn't stop smiling. It instantly brought me back to my childhood home. Hope you guys enjoy this track as much as I have.

"When I first saw you
Like the starts at night
You had sparkle in your eye
High in the sky

How I wish
That you were mine
Cause to me

You're one of a kind
When I look at you
Can make me feel the way you do
It seems so untrue
How someone like you

Sparkle in your eye (I see that sparkle in your eye)
Sparkle in your eye (Ohohohwhoaha)
Sparkle in your eye..."

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