Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Teen Angst on TV

Growing up, I always felt different than others. I wasn't necessarily awkward. But I was always acutely aware that I wasn't like everyone else. I was fine with my weirdness. It's who I was. I was the girl you would find inside snuggled up in a chair with a book when it was a gorgeous day outside. I've immersed myself in literature since I was 3. When it came to the shows I watched on tv, I liked shows outside of the norm. It was just my personal taste. I craved dry humor and sarcasm because those were two languages I spoke fluently.

° MTV's "Daria" was my ultimate fave. The main character was exactly me on cartoon form. I loved Daria's sarcastic yet realistic view on life and people. She had the best one liners. She was super sarcastic and very matter of fact. I enjoyed Daria because she was intelligent, funny and real. I loved all the characters on the show but Daria and Jane were my favorites. Oh, and the "Daria" theme song still gives me life. I watched every episode as well as the two movies. This series is on dvd now. I need it in my life.

° "My So-Called Life" was the epitome of teen angst on the screen. Everything about this short lived dramedy was perfect. I identified with Angela so much. It's hard to believe that the show only lasted one season. It introduced me to the gorgeousness that was Jared Leto. His character was an ass but I liked him still. The show touched on so many issues that were outside my relative box. It was great.

° "Boy Meets World" was the comedy angle of teen angst. Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Angela were extremely deep and emotion teenagers. They were like little adults. I loved Cory & Topanga's relationship. They were my goal in high school. Mr. Feeny was an amazing character. He went from the old grumpy man next door to the excellent teacher to the wisest guy. I watched every episode. (Sidebar:I'm super stoked about the "Boy Meets World" spinoff "Girl Meets World." I will be watching to see how Cory & Topanga are as parents to daughter Riley.)

I can honestly say that these shows influenced me as a teen. Navigating high school and teenage hood can be hard. I am thankful that my Mom equipped me with right tools to make it through. I was never afraid to stand up for my beliefs. I was never a follower. I've been a leader. If I did something stupid, please believe I spearheaded the idea. I stood up in my weirdness and wrapped myself up in it. I was just me. Just Yokenda. I don't think I experienced too much teen angst in real life. I'm thankful for that. What shows did you watch as a teen? Let's discuss.

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